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For a luxury hotel that won’t break the bank, I recommend The Kahala Hotel & Resort, which is currently the #1 hotel on Tripadvisor. Many believe they’re the most haunted islands in the world! The Honolulu police have gotten used to calls from travelers reporting strange happenings in this area. Even on the highly populated island of Oahu, abandoned places are common — if you know where to look, that is. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s hard to deny the spooky energy felt at various historic sites across the islands of Hawaii — like Mo’okini Luakini Heiau, which was one of the first temples to be built on the island and has an evil history rife with human sacrifice. It’s the site of a 1948 murder—Mrs. COVID-19 Updates: View the current state guidelines for travel to Hawaiʻi. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Thanks to the story above, you are now familiar with a heiau which leads us perfectly to another one of the most haunted places in Oahu – Dole Cannery Theater. amzn_assoc_title = ""; The R6D-1 crashed and more than sixty people perished. You are correct. The closer you get to the top of Giggle Hill, the louder the laughing is said to be. The Pali Lookout. Share your experiences and opinions with us in the comments below, then — if you enjoy reading about all things spooky — click here to discover 13 Horribly Creepy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Hawaii. 12 Abandoned Places In Hawaii That Nature Is Reclaiming. Haunted Places on Oahu. Additional reports claim that World War II sailors in their fatigues wander around different areas of the base. Waipahu Street. The following year construction on the main barracks started. Haunted Places on Oahu. Room 319 was a former soldiers' morgue and the ghosts of the warriors can sometimes be seen inside. Some people claim she is covered in gross and green mold. Then you shouldn’t look any further than a night in a haunted hotel. The story goes that a woman and her children would often walk through the botanical gardens of Wahiawa, until one fateful day she became separated from one of them in the gulch.

Hilton Hawaiian Village. Found near the Manoa Falls Trailhead is the Lyon Arboretum Trail, which will take you on a journey through native Hawaiian flora to a beautiful waterfall. There were said to have been burials in and around the capitol site from an epidemic, it wasn’t from the measles. Today, people still hear children's voices in the theater, particularly in the bathrooms. Website: www.oahughosttours.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Oahu-Ghost-Tours Don’t forget sunglasses for the beautiful sunny days. And while you will find countless abandoned spots throughout the islands —from roads and neighborhoods to schools and telegraph stations — there is perhaps no place more fascinating than the abandoned Paradise Park, an exotic bird zoo on the island of Oahu that was abandoned and left to battle nature in the early 1990s. People have also made claims that they have heard the cries of the warriors inside the tunnels along the highway. Popularized in a ghost story by the late Glen Grant, the Kaimuki House stands at 8th and Harding in Kaimuki, the one on a foundation of two beds of lava rock. To check out Oahu’s haunted side connect with Hawaii’s #1 Nighttime Tour; Oahu Ghost Tours and make sure to request Robert as your guide! Reading your comment on this post was so interesting and funny cause that’s the stuff me and my friends do haha Required fields are marked *. The Hawaiian Islands are well known for luaus, the sunshine, sandy beaches, surfing, and incredible views. Oahu’s major airport is in Honolulu (airport code HNL). Long before the facility became what it is today it was the Oahu Prison. If you are in Hawaii for more than a few days, you will likely come across at least one abandoned car at some point. In 1957, it officially opened as a botanical garden. Highway 1 is a roadway that passes through the Koolau Mountains. It is said that the man is still haunting the museum to this day. The police arrived and were unable to do anything but look on in terror and disbelief as all three of her children were thrown around, hit repeatedly and even levitated by some unseen force.

View the current state guidelines for travel to Hawaiʻi, The Stories Behind 8 Hawaiʻi Towns and Beaches, How Hawaii's Cacao is Making the World Sweeter, Mele Mei 2018: A monthlong celebration of Hawaiian music, Exciting May Day weekend events across Hawaii. The Night Marchers can sometimes be heard on this street, and the sound of drums in the distance is a common event.

The Night Marchers are a group of ancient warriors who wreak havoc on anyone or anything that stands in their way, and the school is located right in their path. 1. Aiea High. Chaminade University is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Oahu thanks to the history of one of its buildings. Join us in exploring the 10 most haunted places in Oahu, HI: Custodians and students alike all claim to have seen and heard strange things inside the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii! Puu o Mahuka Heiau. In Kaumana on Hawaii Island, the faint sounds of infants crying could be heard from an old building that used to be a nursery wing for Hilo residents. Setting sights on the Green Lady is definitely up there with scariest of the scary Hawaiian legends we’ve come across! Legend has it that the spirit must sacrifice a soul every so often and indeed, throughout history a number of people have drowned in the pond. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Hawaii has an on-going problem and that problem is abandoned cars being left scattered in random places throughout the state. We’d love to hear your experience. There is also one particular room – number 208 – which is notorious for paranormal activity. Local legend has it that areas of the Wahiawa Botanical Garden are haunted by the Green Lady. While “Piko” in many Hawaiian interpretive sources does translate out to belly button, the point I was trying to make is that Kukaniloko is for many the centering point of the islands. The ghost of another soldier is believed to wander the deck of the USS Arizona when the tide is low. Then I decided that if I caught a few winks that would be ok and layed down on the bench. Even on the highly populated island of Oahu, abandoned places are common — if you know where to look, that is. Number 6 in our rundown of scary stories of Hawaii leads us to the historic, Lao Theatre in Wailuku. Other paranormal witnesses have seen other unusual sights such as a ghost on the Wiki-Wiki shuttle and toilets flushing on their own. When checking on the golf courses I would go down to the clubhouse and hang out in the wee hours of the morning. He was born and raised in the Kapahulu area of Oahu. Marked by a group of round stones, the site brims with positive energy that is felt by every traveler. In September of 1938 construction of Hickam Air Force Base completed making the base ready for use. One that took place 30 years later when a young girl was attacked by an invisible force in the house—it choked her. In addition this, the bridge spanning the ravine has also seen a high number of head on collisions and is also on the path of ‘the Night Marchers’ who are ancient warriors said to roam the islands at night and who are said to walk with torches from the mountains down to the ocean. The fight continued from there to the Kīpapa gulch. Perhaps the most haunted school on the island, Chaminade was once the site of a children's hospital that lived through World War II. Guards who have attempted to sleep in the squad room of the present-day facility claim something about the room makes it very difficult to sleep. After the boyfriend went outside, the girlfriend stayed in the car. Kapiolani Park.

One of the most infamous of all supposed true Hawaiian ghost stories comes from the Nu’uanu Pali Highway. E. support@hauntedrooms.com, 10 – Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'to_hawaii_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',134,'0','0'])); Iolani Palace.
Read on if you dare! I sat down on one of the benches to take a break.

On incident occurred in 1955 when an R6D-1 was attempting to land during a heavy rainstorm in the dark. These places deteriorate and nature starts to reclaim everything from gas stations and hotels to … Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to visit the ruins, but the last time I embarked on the Lulumahu Falls trail, I accidentally made my way here with a wrong turn through the forest. That might not be all that unusual until you learn that their bodies always resurface 3 days after they drown – the length of time that the spirit takes to perform its ritual. The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters. With the current state of travel, here are a few things I recommend: Find the Best Prices for the Top Tours & Attractions in Oahu, Read Reviews of the Best Hotels in Oahu on TripAdvisor, Find the Lowest Airfares on Hawaiian Airlines, Heading to Oahu? On the midnight shift, I was making rounds near the Sunset Room. In order to get passed that section of the Pali Highway the old woman’s dog must be fed the pork. cheap flights Check Trip Advisor for the best flight to Oahu. Even today, people still hear ancient conch shells and the sound of the marchers' footsteps. You can also check HotelsCombined for the best Oahu Hotel Rates. On the way to the Manoa Falls, just past Paradise Park, one can hear strange war cries seemingly muffled by the rainforest beyond it. The reason for this is that it is actually pretty difficult to transfer ownership and/or sell your car in Hawaii. The Garden originally started out as a park in the 1920s. Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 Witnesses also claim that a guard shack on the base is haunted.

Neutrogena Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Spf 45, Five Off-the-Beaten-Path Places on Hawaii’s Big Island, Oahu’s Eco-Friendly Cruise for Dolphin Lovers, Five Off-The-Beaten-Path Places on Hawaii’s Big Island, Honolulu Luxury: Pohaku Massage and High Tea, PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR in Oahu WITH ROCK-A-HULA, https://lookintohawaii.com/hawaii/47494/green-lady-of-wahiawa-information-all-islands-hi. Looking to book something a little different to get your spooky fix this year?

First, deep in the heart of Manoa Valley, … When people move on and industry crumbles, the remains are often abandoned amid the landscape — and the Hawaiian Islands are no exception. For those of you who are too creeped out to actually be physically near these, now you can check out some of Hawaii's spookier locales from the, uh...safety of your home. No-one is sure who she is or why she is haunting the library, but she seems to be harmless. All of this adds up to the perfect recipe for some paranormal activity! Frear Hall dorms is where students have seen the namesake Mary Dillingham Frear still walking the halls wearing white and holding what appears to be a key ring for the dorm rooms. When most people think of Oahu they think of Waikiki, the North Shore, surfing and gorgeous beaches. Is the Wahiawa Botanical Garden haunted by a mother looking for her kids, or yours? Love Hawaii? amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; With more than 10 years of experience as a professional writer, Megan holds a degree in Mass Media from her home state of Minnesota. If you aren’t arriving by cruise ship, this is how you’ll arrive to Oahu. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Where to stay: There are many places to stay in Oahu Hawaii.

The R building is said to be particularly surreal. Thousands of people lost their lives or were wounded during the attack. Like any American state, you’ll find several abandoned places across the Hawaiian Islands – from the remains of the Waialee Home for Wayward Boys to the forgotten remnants of Paradise Park, an exotic bird zoo on the island of Oahu that was abandoned and left to battle nature in the early 1990s. The site was also the scene if a tragic school bus crash in the eighties. As always be safe. #38 – Belly button is offensive and is NOT the same as “piko” the center of life. According to local Hawaiian superstition, nothing should ever be removed from a heiau – that’s a place of worship and human sacrifice.

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