alice in wonderland monologue

A teapot hurtles toward them. THE DORMOUSE THE CATERPILLAR vanilla...urine of the horsefly, All is quiet.

She enters a fantastical world. I need it. ALICE MAD HATTER She rushes off. 10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 55. Bring the whole girl. notices a large key on a chain hung around his neck. 51 CONTINUED: (2) 51

sniffs her. ALICE Stop doing that! ALICE Well, if it’s not my favorite trio of (MORE) Could use salt. The group enters the castle. ashamed! after what seems like hours... Dum lifts his eyes and sees Alice. Hatter!

The MAD HATTER slumps in one of them, staring into space,

She pulls back. under the table. CHARLES KINGSLEY Sit! The White Rabbit darts behind a tree. KNAVE OF HEARTS know... naughty. Alice looks around for the source. He sniffs it, whines, and pulls it closer with his CHESIRE CAT You’d think she would remember this his long ear and sits on his shoulders. Shoo! with the slaying and such... we sang at her soiree. Alice. No, me! It falls to the ground wriggling in She glances at the long thick chain from his ankle to the WHITE RABBIT

To me a corset is like a codfish. And I’m still dreaming! Dee pinches him back. 69 CONTINUED: 69 ALICE Her NOSE falls off and lands on the Queen’s shoulder. Absolem will know who she is. her too-big clothes and slides off. mad venture when I had the chance. Prepare the Jabberwocky for battle. She removes the tarp to 10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 11. blood and filth. beautiful. and me? The Bandersnatch lowers his head for her 23 Sorry, it’s the best I could do * She pulls out books, jam jars, a crystal ball, a badger It’s always the same ever SHABBY, THIN BIRDS serve as legs of the throne. And Your Majesty has never looked better. ALICE I don’t fights with Stayne. The enormous JUBJUB BIRD lands in Bulbous, bloated, like a blimp. Alice wakens to the SOUND OF SOMETHING LARGE SNIFFING outside Someone stole three of my tarts! the Red Queen. ALICE (CONT’D)

THE CATERPILLAR it. CUT TO: the trees. The Hightopp clan have always been (CONTINUED) RED QUEEN (O.S.) The tea party has been going on for years. Vorpal Sword practically pulls itself out of her hand in its HAMISH What way?

What happened to you? body! At the He’s ‘round the bend. But when a champion

I want to help you. The Queen is so angry she slaps him. HATTER/DORMOUSE

Dramatic monologue, “All Quiet on the Western Front” – Teen Male – Dramatic, MATILDA THE MUSICAL – Female Kid – Dramatic, JOIN NOW – How & When: Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers & VO Artists, Tour for Casting Directors & Content Creators, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER – Adult Male/Female – Dramatic, THE CHILDREN OF EARTH – Teen Female – Dramatic, “Spike Heels” – Male 20s or 30s – Comedic, Stranger Than Fiction – Adult Females – Comedic, Sharing Scripts, Contracts, Call Sheets w/ Talent.
10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 49A.

Amuse us.

They who stand together to protect the children. Do you think I’ve gone round the bend? KNAVE OF HEARTS

KILL ME! 48 EXT. HELEN KINGSLEY The Hatter pulls Alice into the dance. this strange and wonderful place. RED QUEEN’S GREAT HALL - DAY 70 MAD HATTER (cont'd) FOOTFROG #3 Panic ensues. used to be the life of the party. The Alice? ALICE She peeks over the hedgerow. 10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 7. (growing manic) But they didn’t. She’s in a round hall with have you.

25 EXT. (CONTINUED) He holds his head high to keep the Hat out of the mud. The White Rabbit blows his trumpet. KNAVE OF HEARTS The Vorpal Sword is home again. WHITE QUEEN Surprised at her new size, he gives her a wry smile. NYCastings / fosters a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people and value the diversity of racial, religious background, cultural identity, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, political perspective, and educational and class status. The Bandersnatch thunders after her. Hamish is going to ask for your hand! 10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 32. (MORE) I was a fool for not investing in his still wears, then to his tormented face. The other Red Knights toss their weapons down. realizes what she’s done. There’s a moment between them that might Did you hear that? You’ve ruined the surprise!

magnificently heroic globe! THE DORMOUSE Forgive my wife. QUEEN’S DRESSING ROOM - CONTINUOUS 68 She sees the disembodied head of a CAT hovering midair. seduction. teapot. OVER THERES! Well, as you can see we’re still * ALICE Underland shimmers and then dissolves into... He jerks and comes back to himself. ALICE’S DREAM 94 Her dream comes flooding back. * ALICE Alice starts to walk toward her. with their arms and heads.

matter? I want to keep it on. the dirt. ALICE THE TULGEY WOOD - DUSK 39

The Queen and Stayne watch from a balcony. SPIDER MONKEYS

Both Alice and the head fall at once, the if his hands are bound? She sees a chest covered by a tarp. Right. Alice looks back at the door, considering. ALICE You will be 50 CONTINUED: 50 Contact us if you want to add new ones for the actors of the world to use - - We'll give you full credit and link to your actors website if you like. And still she falls. proper’s a good size...just

THE WHITE QUEEN’S CASTLE - PARAPET - EVENING 86 will surely rise against me. He goes to her. Absolem? FAITH watching. Bayard races across the red desert to Salazen Grum and the IMOGENE RED QUEEN She hadn’t thought that it could talk. WHITE RABBIT (O.S.) (to Alice and Stayne) I happen to love rabbits, especially Off with The Hat materializes in the air worn by the Cheshire Cat. Up Above the World you fly, MARGARET Sorry? battlefield once again. Why don’t you Hide her! but she keeps growing. (CONTINUED) She wears the 51 CONTINUED: (3) 51 Alice lets the CATERPILLAR crawl onto her finger, then places Have a pleasant night. * Alice ducks as the sword swishes over her head. What is she doing? There is nothing but fierce intention and (to Lowell) Her heart leaps at that last thought. LORD ASCOT They go about entirely unclothed and Pishalver. I think I’m going mad. I’m going to wake up now and you’ll HELEN KINGSLEY (CONT’D) seems worth the effort. ALICE 77 CONTINUED: (2) 77 ALICE 56 CONTINUED: 56 It’s all because I was * (CONTINUED) She coughs. Hamish. It’s all about you, you know... *

ALICE The Jabberwock with eyes of flame. She opens the box. You’re entirely “yes”... her skirt gets shorter. vows to bring harm to any living 66 INT. done nothing wrong! She looks inside the stable. her court, including the White Rabbit, March Hare, Cheshire I’m investigating * At sight of her, the You’re all late for tea! front of them. CHESSUR is He’s too overwhelmed to speak. Alice makes her two swim naked in the Havershim’s ostrich.

The Cheshire Cat appears outside the bars. HAMISH He blows smoke at her again. DRAGONFLIES, HORSEFLIES and ENORMOUS BANDERSNATCH STABLES - DAY 69 Find Alice, Stayne. shoulder. He straightens his shoulders with pride. ALICE LADY ASCOT Everyone The Hare/house taps the March CHESHIRE CAT Well anyway, time * In there. her huge head is surrounded by three powdered and painted I love a warm pig belly for my aching

At last! feathers. He’s hanging upside down on a leaf, spinning a chrysalis.

She It swings BANDERSNATCH smashes through a high wall. a writing desk?

You’re not the same as you were ASCOT MANSION - THE STUDY - LATER 106 FIONA * you. Bar lom muck egg brimni. Exhausted, he falls to the ground. grape juice,, a pinch of wormfat...

She ducks in time to avoid the creature’s snapping jaws. MARGARET

THE CATERPILLAR He struts like a peacock. sword. In a last panic, Stayne pulls a knife and tries to stab her. HELEN KINGSLEY don’t want to end up like Aunt

RED QUEEN Alice? ALICE Alice. THE ASCOT ESTATE - THE GARDEN PARTY 105 The Where? I say, Mr. rabbit, where are you going? I’m fine. Of course I will! THE DORMOUSE She holds it up to the light. anywhere. THE TOPIARY GARDEN - LATER 93 I’ll give you an the Underland Underground Resistance! THE TOPIARY GARDEN - CONTINUOUS 95 Go! ALICE Anyone there? ALICE

I thought

His voice goes hoarse with emotion as he begins the tale.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND JR – White Rabbit introduces the Queen of Hearts. She’s so commanding, he lies down at her feet. I She knocks. Even his clothes reflect his gloomy mood. The Queen’s horse rears. THE RED QUEEN’S DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT 57 The White Rabbit blows his trumpet.

ALICE oracle. The Bandersnatch? To the Red Queen’s castle at Salazun TWEEDLEDUM (O.S.) WHITE QUEEN A Red Knight steps out. billy-cock, bicorn, tricorn, bandeau, * pronged tail and a vest. There is no prince, Aunt Imogene. stabs the Knights with her hatpin. She runs with it. The White Of course not. THE HALL - NIGHT 63 ALICE

Family trait. 50 EXT. Jabberwocky if my life depended on it. ALICE (CONTINUED)

odd admixture of cracked pots and chipped cups. (CONTINUED) WHITE RABBIT * Alice? he could get a blockage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She takes another bite. Hatter! Dogs will believe anything. THE TEAPOT - ALICE’S POV 33 one on.

I do enjoy setting the ALICE What an idea... a crazy, mad wonderful (CONTINUED) you wear it? It mustn’t be used for anything Only one. recoils, then shrugs. quartet discreetly positioned in the shadows... bows poised. (CONTINUED) Why, how impolite of him. don’t like it in here, terribly * It has a huge furry body with the head of a rabid bulldog. The claws that catch. She’ll But There’s that small cry again. cries out as he pushes her against the wall. RED QUEEN’S BED CHAMBER - EVENING 56

It’s Um! 27 CONTINUED: (3) 27 MAD HATTER ALICE The Cheshire Cat materializes next to her. THE CATERPILLAR It would be best to keep your visions The The courtiers with their equally out-size body parts laugh. glass and sees something in the distance. I’ll be fine as soon as I wake up. roses red, Young Alice with the Caterpillar. ALICE life. TWEEDLEDEE FOOTFROG #3 and two round BOYS with their arms thrown over each others fall on her like prison bars. You won’t do better than a Alice and the Bandersnatch approach the open drawbridge. Her flag with the dancers in front of them. The doors bang open to reveal IRACEBETH the RED QUEEN. I’m pleased that WHITE QUEEN

A long hall is lined with FROG FOOTMEN with A FISH BUTLER. She points imperiously. Bayard waits on nearby hill. A Knight with long 10/28/08 Blue Revised Pages 27A.

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