astrology compatibility calculator

Every zodiac sign is compatible or incompatible with the other sign based on personality, attitudes, values and other aspects. This influences your feelings and how you react to highly emotional situations. Polarity alternates through the 12 signs, beginning with Aries (positive) and ending with Pisces (negative).

While opinions on synastry differ, most astrologers agree that the most important features to consider are the respective positions of the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, and faster-moving planets in the two charts.

Your moon sign rules the subconscious side of your personality.

Astrological assessment of compatibility between two people is known as synastry.

Because each element comprises three signs, the element groupings are known in astrology as the Triplicities.

Cardinal signs are the creative initiators. Each zodiac sign is also associated with one of the classical four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). By using this Compatibility Calculator you agree to accept any and all risks and liabilities that may result from its use.

Finally, please bear in mind that human relationships are complex and, while it may be interesting and entertaining to explore astrological dimensions, they provide, at best, only a partial perspective. Your zodiac sign compatibility can tell you many things about how you're likely to relate to someone else. Taurus, check out the kind of equations you share with people of other Zodiac Signs.

This is the approach taken here.

If you've met someone who doesn't seem to fit their zodiac profile, see what their other signs are.

As you'll see when you pick your signs from our compatibility tool, there are several areas where you can check out your sign compatibility. If they seem inaccurate, they probably are. Scroll down the page to view each detailed assessment. All Rights Reserved. Use your love compatibility results to guide your romantic explorations, but don't let these serve as a definitive means of deciding if you might have a beneficial relationship with someone. What You Can Learn From Horoscope Compatibility.

You do not need to provide your real names, and can use initials or an alias if you prefer - or just leave the Name fields blank.

Then follow the column and row to the intersecting point to get your score. ... By using this Compatibility Calculator you agree to accept any and all risks and liabilities that may result from its use.

Understanding how your sign will communicate, play, and work with another's sign may offer some powerful insights into whether or not you'll be a good fit for a romantic relationship. Will she get along with your dog?

The significance of each of these factors is also weighted, depending on its relevance to the type of compatibility being assessed (Social, Temperament, Emotional, etc.). These include each person's dominant characteristics in the various areas.

Scorpio, check out the kind of equations you share with people of other Zodiac Signs. Each person's astrological sign tends to influence their behavior.

However, you also have a moon sign and rising sign. Compatibility scores are graded either GREEN (good), AMBER (fair) or RED (poor). SUN signs indicate TEMPERAMENT compatibility (how your natural personalities interact). They are, therefore, not included in this compatibility analysis.

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