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Set Effect: Accuracy +20Accuracy 4Damage Reduction 3, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockdown/ Bound Resistance +2%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +30%Accuracy 4, Knockback/ Floating Resistance +2%Accuracy 4. For your accessories, you should prioritize Centaurus Belt, Bensho Necklace, Manos Earrings, and finally Cadry Rings last.This build is full defense and perfect for defending your team. The combos are designed to be very tricky and players may find Mystic hard to master, but not too hard to pick up if you are a new player. Evasion kicks in faster than DR, especially in high AP area 210~230 depending on the offhand. The following skill combos are basic combos/cancels and some additional tips/tricks for your class. Not used much in the current meta, except by a few players. Noticed a link difference between Evasion & Accuracy example build. Do you like heavy hitting attacks or speedy finesse? It offers higher base accuracy of 5% of liverto which can be the difference to finishing off your opponent or having them live. This is because only 30% of your Awakening AP is applied to the damage of Succession skills, as well as the additional item stats, such as Human/Species Damage and Accuracy.Succession is considered better for PVE in end game spots but until then Awakening will perform better and it is safer to stick with awakening if you are not sure which to go for. The debuff is very strong with an attack/casting/movement speed debuff of -30% for 10 sec. Whale Earring/Khalks Earring: These earrings use to be locked behind hunting though with monthly events they fluctuate between 15 mil and 40+ mil and offer bonus stats like +HP(whale) and +stamina +wp (Khalk). Below are some examples of viable skill add-ons you can take. You can roll to the sides or backwards. When you are 261 (using Nouver) it is actually better to use Nouver in PVE as well because of the bonus AP given in the AP brackets. Witches (Pure DP) builds excel in large scale PvP. You will need a character below -300,000 Karma to downgrade armor and weapons. The build you choose completely depends on your playstyle and what role you want to play in PVP. I would also recommend using the Giant’s Draught or party elixirs. That being said always be attempting for dandelion as it is one of the most difficult items to acquire in the game. Level 1 to 24: Beginner Quest up to Ancient Stone Chamber, 35 to 42: Masked Owl Forest / Contaminated Camp (NW of Calph), 56 to 60: Combat Promotion Quest (with full EXP buffs) / Valencia grinding spots / Sausans, 60 to 63: Valtarra Scroll Quest Completion (with full EXP buffs) / Desert Nagas or Fogans / Crescent Shrine / Pila Ku / Sulfur / Drieghan, 63 to 66: Gyfin Rhasia Temple / Kamasylvia grinding spots / Manshaum Narc Scrolls, Gathering Tulips by Northeastern Wheat Plantation. 07/04/2017 – posted the first version of the guide, 07/05/2019 – general update for current meta, new skill builds, example builds, skill add-ons, combos, crystals, 15/05/2019 – Updated skill description for Scissor Kick, added Dragon Slayer weapon and updated armor info, 13/06/2020 – Added succession information, updated skill builds, gear examples, accessories, added blackstar weapon, added new skill add-ons. If you cannot then your only other chance is to get one off the market. All Rights Reserved. Energy gain - efficient ways beyond talking to everyone in the game, if you happen to know any tips/tricks? They can filter from 0 being white drops to 4 being orange. Additionally we have the new Corrupted Magic Crystals in the game now which is just a better version of the critical hit crystal. You can see the exact stats at TET below. Perfect now you can use it on a piece of crafted clothing (buy it off the market or make it).

".link" will link your game account to your Discord account. Pre-awaken > Awakening: Spiral Torpedo(W+F), Tranquility(Shift+Space), Sea Burial(W+RMB), Wolf Frenzy(Shift+F), Wave Orb(S+LMB+RMB), Dragon’s Rip (S+E), (These skills will also work from quick slot. Due note grunil is still a great set for those that may have limited game time and want to focus resources elsewhere. This offers 1 Gem slots, Base stats are 1-3 AP, 4 DP, 5 Accuracy, 2 Evasion, 2 Damage Reduction. 6-Piece Set Bonus: Attack +10Accuracy 2Hidden Evasion 1, Accuracy 1 (alternating)DP 1 (alternating). Offin Tett can be good when you reach certain AP brackets and if your class doesn’t depend on accuracy as much as others, but if you’re unsure whether you should be using this weapon or not, it’s much safer to just use Kzarka. ".drop" Premium Members have access to this filter. I will try to keep these updated by refreshing the polls every month or two and reset as needed. Extra Ap and 2 crystal slots. As you can see they offer identical defensive stats but the key difference is the very last stat listed on each piece. As you can see Leebur’s offers half of the accuracy that Bheg’s does and 4 less shown DR in exchange for 5 more shown evasion, 1 more hidden DR, 1 DP, and 19 more hidden evasion. Rosar Vambrace Rosar Vambrace is the best defensive build offhand if you want to go for Full DP tank build because it has extra AP and 2 crystal slots. Rosar: Pretty much the new choice if you are just getting into the game as you most likely won’t have the funds or resources to enchant a rarer item like liverto or kzarka. As you can see the stats on these two items are nearly identical aside from 6 additional hidden DR on the Griffon’s Helm and the difference between +5% all res and +100 HP.

No matter how high tier a class is, if I don’t absolutely love the class, then it’s a squeaky mouse to me, because I won’t play it! Mystic Succession can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Succession quest under the suggestions tab. Trial Characters can only enter a PVE cooperative tower defence mode called Savage Rift or specific PVP areas: Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha. It’s a very rare drop from the world boss Vell that spawns every Sunday on NA servers (check the world boss schedule for exact times for your region). You might have seen this rare Pokémon up above in its natural habitat the AP monkey build, beware when trying to obtain this Pokémon as it’s immune to Master Balls.

Andromeda - £5 For example, [Q] means you tap Q once. It makes a perfect backup for enhancing and is essentially a free TRI Ring of Crescent Guardian. Base stats at Ultimate(Gold) are as such; 7AP +1 Special Attack (Back/Down/Air).Kutum Dagger(MIX): This offhand is the Middle Ground between AP and DP. High DR stats with some evasion, making them better than Muskans for this build.

Shultz: Typically the first AP belt most people will go for as it has good Silver/AP ratio and can last you at DUO/TRI till late in the game.

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