broken floor dream meaning

If so, n ow, you can find an A-Z dream interpretation dictionary with 132 most common dream meanings. Competition or conflict that never seems to stop. If you are lost within a thick forest, you may be in need of some direction in your waking life. To dream that you are ascending in an elevator represents a rise to status and wealth. Or, metaphorically, this dream reveals that you may not be looking where you are walking, thereby putting yourself in danger.

Use our dream dictionary to find your dream's meaning. They are also a reference to the season of spring. It may be necessary that you need to change your own behavior or maybe your way of thinking. You should not allow other people to have such a big influence on your life. Consider to be more cautious and not be overconfident with your projects. (read all at source), FLOOR A dream featuring the floor suggests that you are looking for support in some aspect of your life. Dream About Clothes on the FloorTo see clothes on the floor, refers to certain situations or behaviors that are on hold and waiting to be restarted. If your feelings are hurt and if you have experienced a romantic failure recently, then it is possible that you will have a dream about broken glass. To see woods on fire, denotes that your plans will reach satisfactory maturity. Dream About Fixing or Repairing FloorFixing and repairing floor in the dream, suggest that you are mending your flaws and the support system that you have built your success with. (read all at source), floorboard dream interpretationsShow All or Refine: by Religion - Christian, Islam, Hindu; by Author - Christian, Islam, HinduComplete meanings of dream's symbols... (read all at source), Seeing the floor in your dream, represents your support. Beating the ground with a stick in a dream means taking a business trip. The levels of the floors of the building may use dream numerology to reflect your mental state or intentions. Dream About Buying FlooringShopping and Buying new flooring in the dream, suggests that you have come into status changes recently, such as a significant promotion and pay raise that comes with the positive change. This could also represent or reflect some other event going on in you life. These allow you to stand your ground and moving forward. Sweeping a street in a dream means travelling an equal distance to such a street. If you notice broken glass on the floor hints broken promises or issues to come in your life. It may also reflect a decision to reduce, minimize, or intentionally downgrade a situation. Identify the source and make peace with it.Floor - foundation, support. Dream About Bamboo FloorThe bamboo floor in dreams symbolizes strength and resilience. Also see “Celebrities”... My Dream Interpretation. If you are in the lower floors, then it refers to more primal attitudes, the subconscious and/or sexuality. Going up stairs may also symbolize a struggle or challenge you must endure to reach a higher level of understanding, success, or power. To dream of cleaning up garbage may reflect problem solving or fixing a situation that you feel is beneath you. The Dream Books Symbols, Dreams of redwood trees, because they grow tall, represents spiritual growth, mastery; heightened awareness, and great knowledge that is reaching up toward heaven, while remaining deeply rooted to earth. You want to replace your surrounding with different light. 1 . To dream that you are walking up a flight of stairs indicate that you are achieving a higher level of understanding. If you slip going down the stairs, then it suggests that you are moving too quickly in delving into your subconscious. Depending the state of the glasses shows you how big of the obstacles you will need to overcome. Ifone sees a gathering of people or scholars partaking in a sweet meal from a large wooden bowl in a dream, it represents a community project that unites people’s hearts and allows them to share their knowledge. See Break, Accident, Breakdown and Break Through.... Strangest Dream Explanations, The state of brokenness can be used to symbolize everything from poverty (“broke”) to forcible entry (a “break-in”) to fundamental damage (“broken down”) to emotional abandonment (as in having one’s heart “broken”). Improving "one step at a time. Example dream : Electrics in a house stopping working symbolised the dreamers realisations that problems with a woman had caused him to be very depressed. Keep in mind that the places within you that have been broken, that when repaired, become the places of your greatest strength and wisdom. Flew on a broom. To see heaps of garbage in your dreams, indicates thoughts of social scandal and unfavorable business of every character. Specifically, focus on how you look and appear to others. Negatively, dreaming about garbage may be sign that you are putting to much "crap' from other people. The quality and integrity of the floor in your dream informs how grounded you currently feel. To dream that the elevator is moving sideways means that your efforts are counterproductive. You are making progress emotionally, spiritually, or materially. To dream that you slip or trip on the stairs signify your lack of self confidence or conviction in the pursuit of some endeavor.

*: a kind of the wild pigeon. A bowl in a dream also represents one’s condition, state, or the management of his affairs.

it is an omen that either he or his son or his brother will lose respectability and honour.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. If the floorboard is missing or broken in the dream, it indicates that your belief is inconsistent and people are exposing your weakness.

Eating dirt in a dream means earnings an equal amount of money to what one eats in his dream. To see broken tiles means that you will meet someone - their secrets to success can be yours too. Observe the types of clothes on the floor. Within these three parts are seven levels of consciousness. To dream of the earth represents your feelings or perception of your entire life at the current moment. (Also see Cleaner; Garbage; Sanitation; Trash collector)... Islamic Dream Interpretation, The same implies to firewood, small or big, dry or green.... Islamic Dream Interpretation, 4. Folklore: Bad omen.... Little Giant Encyclopedia. The dream might also suggest you let go of a relationship. If you dream of a bone being broken, it tells you that some area of your life is on shaky ground. If you have dreamed that you saw broken glass somewhere, but you were not the person who broke the glass, it means that other people are trying to help you get rid of your negative emotions and problems that you have. It was not that long ago in human history that everything of strength and fortitude was created out of wood. Something has interfered with properly moving forward. 2- When our behaviour becomes rigid or wooden, dreams will often attempt to make us aware of this and of the necessity to balance our feelings. And lastly, kitchen floors reflect the base emotions and nutritious parts of your family in the dream. They may represent your unconscious or your “mental space”. 1. A house symbolizes the mind.

Among the English, Babylonians, and ancient Greeks, this bird was a weather prophet. Dry branches reflect a diluted personality and predict illnesses. Dream About Concrete Floor or Cement FloorA concrete floor in dreams, symbolizes roughness and toughness. Sanitation in a dream means profits for its professionals, a street sweeper, or a garbage collector. Something foundational and basic in your life is coming to a sudden end.

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