chapter 14 physical science test answers

6. The upward force exerted by the jack is _____ than the downward force you exert on the handle. PLAY. Gravity. The actual mechanical advantage of a machine. Reach a conclusion. Created by. The only way to increase the work output is to increase the amount of work you put into the machine. 30. Gravity. If the force is applied to the _____, the input distance is larger than the output distance. Finish Editing. What is the formula for ideal mechanical advantage (IMA). This quiz is incomplete! Played 80 times. physical science. The input force of a pulley system must move 6.0 m to lift a 3000-N engine a distance of 0.50 m. What is the. PLAY.

23. The change in height is its ______ _______.

If you exert a force of 10.0 N to lift a box a distance of 0.75 m, how much work do you do?

1. In science, work is the product of _____ and _____. Gravity. Inclined planes: The distance traveled is the ______ _____. How much power is used to lift the box. The stratosphere is a total of 38 kilometers thick. Students will determine relationships among force, mass, and motion. How much work, in N•m, is done when a 10.0-N force moves an object 2.5 m? Which change will increase the power of the machine? a. increasing the distance through which the force is applied. Terms in this set (30) 1. Terms in this set (47) Temperature in Terms of Kinetic Energy. 0. What is the formula for actual mechanical advantage (AMA)? 12. Spell. Test. By conduction, convection, and radiation. How much power is required to do this? When using Si units in the power formula, work is measured in _____(J), and time is measured in _______(s). When there is no displacement 2. Screws with threads that are _____ together have a greater ideal mechanical advantage. 8. International System of Units. Only the ______ part of the force does work. If you perform 30 joules of work lifting a 20-N box from the floor to a shelf, how high is the shelf? Calculate the work being done.

50-12=38. The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley or pulley system is _____ to the number of rope sections supporting the load being lifted. What is the efficiency of, 18. The mechanical advantage of a second-class lever is always ______ than 1. How can a machine make work easier for you? Match. Which of the following is an example of a wheel and axle? If you have to apply 30 N of force on a crowbar to lift an rock that weights 330 N, what is the actual, 14.

Terms in this set (66) The weight lifter applies a large force to hold the barbell over his head. What happens to 60% of the work put into the machine, and what happens to the other 40%? How is the work output of a machine related to its work input?

by oleballcoach9. A machine is a device that can multiply, 9. 7.5 J 4. Write. If you exert a force of 10.0 N to lift a box a distance of 0.75 m, how much work do you do? Calculating The test tube pictured above contains 10 grams of each of the following liquids: alcohol, water, corn syrup, and cooking oil. The Si unit of power is the _____(W), which is equal to one joule per second. 11. The mechanical advantage of a pulley system depends upon the..? You have just designed a machine that uses 1000 J of work from a motor for every 800 J of useful work the machine supplies. When a machine does work, it can do all of the following EXCEPT. Live Game Live. What statement is never true for a machine? Flashcards. 7. A ______ pulley is a wheel attached in a fixed location. Your family is moving into a new apartment. 13. STUDY. STUDY. The mechanical advantage of a _____ class lever can be greater than 1. equal to 1, or less than 1. Although nearly equal, the output work is ____ than the input work because of friction. Match. Play. 25 N•m. Explain both.

force and distance .

1.5 m 5. Learn. When you use an ax to split wood, you exert a ______ force as you swing the ax toward the wood. The fixed point the bar rotates around is the ______. d. none of the above . Physical Science Chapter 14 Test DRAFT. b. the force is not in the direction of the object's motion.

Solo Practice. A 100-m long ski lift carries skiers from a station at the foot of a slope to a second station 40 m above. Physical Science - Chapter 14 Review Sheet 1. A force of 12 N is applied to the handle of a screwdriver being used to pry off the lid of a paint can. Explain. To calculate the ideal mechanical advantage of any lever, divide the _____ arm by the _____ arm. The temperature of a substance is proportional to the average Kinetic Energy of the substance's particles. If he, 27. Joule 3. Which of the following is a unit of work? A ______ is a rigid bar that is free to move around a fixed point. Created by. If the output force is 50.0 N & the input force is 12.5 N, what is the actual mechanical advantage? A motor with an efficiency rating of 80 percent must supply 300 J of useful work. 21. In a second class lever, the _______ _____ is always located between the input force and the fulcrum/ the input distance is always _____ than the output distance. 3 years ago. A machine is classified as a compound machine if it. (Depending on the fulcrum position).

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