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323 likes. Make em think twice before running over our players goddammit! The 22-year-old now ranks near the top with defencemen Brent Burns and Dustin Byfuglien.

We need more guys getting suspended for being aholes on the ice. He’d probably get starched by Nurse but the kid’s got balls the size of melons.

For years we’ve been complaining that the Oilers don’t defend themselves, and I’m not about to complain when someone finally jumps in to take care of business. I effing loved the fight.

Another big hiring by the Leafs this offseason. Polak is a big boy and decided not to fight. Whether or not you feel the responses were justified is entirely up to you, but here is a look at just some of the feedback Nurse received from the Oilers fans to those comments. After the contest, Nurse acknowledged the play and admitted he felt like a combination of Dumb & Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas and teammate Zack Kassian.

It was a dirty and cheap hit because his team was losing.

— Bob Stauffer (@Bob_Stauffer) March 9, 2016, I too love Nurse’s response to a perceived slight–Polak penalty which spilled Hendricks hard into boards–no invitations needed for Darnell, — Jim Matheson (@NHLbyMatty) March 9, 2016, Polak didn’t touch Hendricks but apparently Darnell Nurse doesn’t care. The NHL used to be about players policing players. Non contact sports like golf? Add a big competent defenseman or two all of a sudden the oil have serious playoff hopes.

I think you may have started something!! Heads up if you f#ck up.

We enjoy the Olympics – they skate,check,hit,score etc.Fighting is on the way out.It is not Leadership. No option on the poll for 0 games, or a fine? That's hockey #SorryMa pic.twitter.com/oeYJg6FgfV.

His choice and a bad one in my opinion. We weren’t going to change that by only punishing the really bad stuff that was definitely over the line.

Too bad Regher retired.

He seriously hurt the guy….

#mean, — Dustin Nielson (@nielsonTSN1260) March 9, 2016. I guess we’ll see. You’re right on the mark.

Getting your teeth mangled is a part of the game, and a potential issue players must be weary of during their time in the league.

It can become an attitude for the team. He will (and should) expect to be called out by Polak the next time these two teams play – there will be a rematch.

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Just like if he goes down on the ice, you stop. The information you requested is not available at this time, please check back again soon. Please enter your email address to reset your password. Nurse killed that flames guy in the preseason. What is a couple of thousands of dollars of fines to players making hundreds of thousands (or more?…) The only deterrent to predators like Polak is for them to know that taking liberties with the talent will be hazardous to their own health. Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse will have a hearing tomorrow under Rule 46.2 (Aggressor) for an altercation with San Jose’s Roman Polak. The ‘soft’ label of Oilers teams past is giving way to a rougher, don’t take no sh!t version! I applaud Nurse, for all the reasons mentioned and additionally that he didn’t take no for an answer. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Love it! Darryls first fight against Lucic was the equivalent of finding the biggest guy on the prison yard and picking a fight with him to show everyone you’re either tough or crazy, or both.

I am all for a little roughing, but I definitely think a line was crossed. The fact that he’s even up for a hearing shows you everything that’s wrong with the NHL – and why all the great young stars keep getting sucker-punched and have to suffer cheap shots throughout their careers…. It’s intense and these things happen.

Why would you want to cheapen the point you’re trying to make by allowing him to defend himself?

I’m also fine with the suspension and/or fine Nurse is gonna get for it. Regardless!

Apparently the NHL didn’t appreciate his fist kisses. Glad to see him get 3 games. I love Darnell’s game, but let’s be real – he was not the good guy in that moment. Unfortunately, ol’ Darryl probably didn’t see the replay of Matt Hendricks catching an edge before crashing into the boards, and Roman Polak’s face paid the price. Only a few in Oiler National agree with you.It seems some may not of heard of Concussions. Hate it? — NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) March 9, 2016, Rule 46.2 The aggressor in an altercation shall be the player whocontinues to throw punches in an attempt to inflict punishment on his1/2.

It will happen whether or not you want to fight, and he honestly doesn’t care about the nuances of whether or not you are completely guilty. Join Facebook to connect with Darnell Nurse and others you may know. Nurse is getting a ton of flak probably from anti-fighting groups. I hope his team and management support his actions. Nurse is going to require a seriously long trip to the dentist, but at least he can say he has one of the NHL’s best smiles in the meantime. I like it!

Darnell Nurse.

In some season where we have more on the line hopefully word gets around that Darnell has a mean streak, will be on the ice for half the game, and will kick your butt.

The Edmonton Oilers blue-liner was caught with a high stick from St. Louis Blues forward Scottie Upshall in the Oil’s 3-2 victory, which severely damaged his upper teeth.

This is hockey! For too long that type of physicality went the other way and I, for one, am happy to see an Oiler on the giving end for once.

this was a man hitting someone who wasn’t fighting.

Anybody who has played the game understands it’s more than just cheap shots that can set a guy off. Others look at the fight and see a guy that got jumped and dummied when he probably didn’t deserve it.

Especially seeing the nose bleeding. Seeing as how Nurse wasn’t given an iPad to review the play, his perception justified the defense of a teammate. Remember when Nurse fought your precious Lames players. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below? Darnell Nurse’s smile took a serious hit on Thursday night. Athlete. To be perfectly fair to Nurse here I have absolutely no doubt that he was including himself in these comments, but the reaction from fans to that comment were vitriolic to say the least.

Suspension or no suspension, big Darnell sent his message to the league. I guess my point is that Nurse had some time to think about it. Dirty or careless plays deserve retribution. Remember the cheers for this kind of play… Because when it comes back into our playground we can’t be hypocrites.

Even St. Louis Blues play-by-play voice John Kelly recognized the severity of the play as it happened. Mr. Nurse needs to learn to control himself. This isn’t his first suspension from being over emotional. The responsible player is a bit short on excuses.Follow the Science To many head punches can seriously injure.More than 3 games should have been given.The NHL is involved with a law suit.Could it involve Concussions?

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