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At least 2 of the valor bards could be front-line fighters (Warcaster will help with that), the others ranged (hello Swift Quiver). A magic sword might make you better in a fight, but a fighter of the same level is still strictly better. You can use two spell slots of the same level to cast a spell you know that is one level higher.

. Conjurers have effectively infinite ammunition for thrown weapons and the like. Especially with the fiend pact, because it adds survivability for tanking as well as AoE spells. Necromancy can drain life energy like a Vampire.

still a solid option. I would have to say warlock, as a bladelock and taking the ritual book feat at 4th level, your character can effectively do ANYTHING. How does one top and bottom with a versatile weapon, It can be used one or 2 handed, dose the next higher d of damage if 2 handed. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it!

In a way, what class can give you a buffer, a debuffer, a meat shield, a damage caster, a trapfinder, a party healer, etc, etc? Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Other classes might have nifty tricks, powerful spells, and other abilities, but when it’s time to put down a monster without dying in the process, the fighter should be our best class.
For a class that's focused entirely on fighting, it'd make absolutely no sense for any other class to be able to win this kind of challenge. Fighers bring you the options for Heavy Armor, Sword and Shield, Two-handed DPS, Dex based Archer, MeleeCaster Hybrid with Wizard Spells. The damage for 1-handed is the primary listed value and the damage for 2-handed is listed in parenthetical notation alongside the versatile property entry. The only one I dislike a bit is transmutation tbh. (not to mention the knowledge domain can read minds).

Versatile means it may be used 2-handed or 1-handed. Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)

Definitely clerics. If they go Tome warlock they can get a ton of different spells from other classes as well, and they get their spells back on a short rest; So they can fill pretty much any role you may need (except possibly healing). If they compliment each other's choice of spells (particularly their Magical Secrets), you'll have a very versatile party indeed. Full spell progression, great and often unique spell list, good skills, and shifting. A Longsword for example does 1d8 damage when held one-handed but increases to 1d10 damage if you were using both hands. plus then you can ritual cast find familiar to get a rat or bird familiar that can be an effective scout.

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Or is it a fight where one might be expected to have a sniper take out one's foe before they even know what's about to hit them? Versatile means it may be used 2-handed or 1-handed. Means you can use it one-handed or two-handed (and switch in between the two, at will), Example. . That, of course, ignores the question of "what kind of fight?" Sorry guys, this question was kind of misleading for some. There are two completely different questions, here. I want to class that can be built to fill any number of roles in a party. So you can eldritch blast, polearm master, and fireball while being a tank. It means you can wield it with either one or two hands. This might sound like an obvious point, but the fighter should be the best character in a fight.

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Fighter on the other hand would have less heals but a lot of battlefield control, and tons of smashing skulls with extra attacks, Eldritch Knights would get absurd defensive capabilities while still being somewhat offensive, (Looking at Blade Ward + bonus action attack/Shield on reaction). If you do so, you gain a +1 bonus to the weapon's damage rolls. As in, if I were to have a party consisting of five of the same class, which one would be most likely to win in a fight? https://www.dandwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Versatile_Combatant_(5e_Feat)&oldid=916095, The chosen weapon is considered to have the, When making a weapon attack with the chosen weapon, you can use either. Then again, there is more to D&D than "fights." Ability to spontaneously cast spells, Benefit . Are there magical considerations that need to be negated? Prerequisite. Lore bards will be mostly support/healing, but will still be very serviceable for combat. They also get an extra ABI, so they can each take the healer feat. wizards really shouldn't mess with combat too much, but are of note because of their potentially large reportoir of learned spells for a variety of tasks. And the Wizard's domains get so many creative powers they are very fun. Idk man I would probably take a party of clerics over a party of fighters. Have a dex fighter battlemaster popping tripping attacks/disarming attacks or what have you with a bow and archery fighting style while a champion GWF smashes skulls in, get an EK focused on defensive/tankiness and a EK focused on offensive/damage spells (probably get him some nice thrown weapons to get full use of Weapon Bond), the last one could be either another Champion, but I would go for a dual-wield Battlemaster. I'm new to dnd so I don't know much, but I'm trying to research things to be a DM, but it takes a lot of effort. There are sneaky ones, there are "confidence game" types, there are "highway men" who are basically thugs and fighters, there are assassins who are good at killing. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Really? Obviously wizard would be the best choice because they have way more rituals than any other class, but on the downside you would have to cast with your intelligence modifier. Compendium - Sources->Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty 1d4 bludgeoning 2 lb. you still get full spell slot progression, the ability to choose a few out of class spells, and half proficiency in all skills. You are adept at multiple styles of combat, and are capable of using weapons in ways most cannot even fathom. But if I had to build a party of 5, using the same class, I would go fighter. — Quarterstaff 2 sp 1d6 bludgeoning 4 lb. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. using dex as your weapon stat you can get decent ac, and weapon damage with versatile melee or ranged weapons, valor bards also get medium armor proficiency if you want it as well as a second attack. You'll always be the party's swiss army knife. Mix of valor and lore bards. Druids have great potential as both warriors with their shapeshifting and healing, as well as pretty decent spellcasters, with a variety of spells to choose from for various effects. Meaning it can be switched from 1 handed to 2 handed and vice versa.

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