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Adam is down because Fiona said she didn't want to see him after he tricked her in to going to an intervention, so Eli and Clare try to comfort him again. Eli is shocked but agrees and says they should do it later when he isn't busy. But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli. Eli says he didn't mean his comment the way it came out but she doesn't respond leaving him alone in the car. Bullfrog pulls Eli out of Degrassi for a couple days for some "family therapy."

Full Name He runs into Clare and tells her that the interview went great and they hug. Eli is 16 years old and will be attending Degrassi as a junior for the 2010-2011 school year. In My Body Is A Cage (1), Eli is talking to Adam about his remedial gym class. When Clare goes to confront Eli about why he hates her and why he would want to ruin her relationship, Eli tells Clare that he doesn't, in fact, he hates him, and that Jake will be out of the picture soon enough, scaring Clare even more. Sparks Will Fly (2), Eli is seen walking in when Clare and Drew are making out. ", Eli (Looks high): "I'm high. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents say that she is welcomed anytime. In Try Honesty (1), Eli gets into a fight over a parking spot with Fitz. Firstly he thinks it's stupid, but then he starts shouting at her. Eli jokes about deflowering Clare in the spot where Adam was standing, which Clare quickly denies. They smile at each other, hinting that they might get back together sometime in the future. He lies to her and tells her that he left the gun in his car when him and his dad went hunting and she forgives him. Eli then is shown in Drama Club talking to Fiona. Fitz makes a joke about sleeping with her, enraging him.

Clare is happy for him, but tells him that they're not a fairy tale and rejects him, leaving Eli sad. He is surprised to see she already decided to go to Prom with Cliff. Imogen twists his words and thinks that if she gets rid of Clare, she will be able to have Eli, and Imogen volunteers to do plant the drugs, actually putting them in Clare's bag, not Jake's. After Fiona tells Adam she wants to pretend the kiss between them never happened, he goes to Eli for advice.

She distracts him from the subject by kissing him.

She says in order for her to not miss him that much, they should do something sexy. 1995 Eli tells Simpson not to expel him so he can finish the year to get into NYU. Adam mentions, over-exaggerating, that Clare is "dying," which makes Eli glare at Adam. Ms. Oh tells Adam to come to class and Adam simply tells him not to worry about it.

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