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Thor, Loki, and some servants embarked on a journey to the land of the giants. Snorri Sturluson tells his story in Prose Edda book “Gylfaginning”. In Norse mythology (a subset of Germanic mythology), Elli (Old Norse "old age" ) is a personification of old age who, in the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, defeats Thor in a wrestling match.

Later, when Thor and his company are safely out of Útgarða-Loki's hall the giant explains that Thor's opponent was much more formidable than she appeared to be and that Thor's prowess was, in fact, astonishing. This article is about the king of Útgarðr. And there came some competitions between the two parties. Jormungand was cast into the dark ocean where he finally grew up to a size that his body could encircle the whole Midgard. Útgarda-Loki's Nurse Darüber hinaus heißt es, dass er auf ein lúdr (ein vieldeutiger Begriff) gelegt wurde.

Old age could beat anyone in life Jormungand. Elli is not mentioned in any other source but the notion that not even the gods are immune to the effects of aging is an intriguing concept. Elli is not mentioned in any other extant source but the notion that not even the gods are immune to the effects of aging is supported by the fact that they must consume the apples of Iðunn regularly to stay young. In other words, this story represents that all are helpless before old age.
Thor did kill the serpent with his Mjolnir hammer in his hand. After Thor's defeat, he learns that Elli is the personification of old age and could never have been successful. Elli is also used as a variant spelling of Ellie, which is short form of any name beginning with "El". Nerva: ‘Pater Patriae’ – Aging Roman Emperor Who Succeeded In Time Of Crisis, Astonishing Upper Paleolithic Camel Cave Painting Discovered In The Ural Mountains, On This Day In History: Father Of Nation Mahatma Gandhi Was Born – On Oct 2, 1869, King Charles II Of England Banned Coffeehouses In 1675, On This Day In History: Famous Inventor Thomas Edison Died – On Oct 18, 1931, Escape Tunnel From Crusader Citadel In Tiberias To Sea Of Galilee – Discovered, Never Before Seen 3D Images Of Noah’s Ark Finally Revealed To The Public, Harput Relief: 4,000-Year-Old Artifact Pushes Back History Of Region By 1,000 Years, Viking Age Mass Grave Reveals Gruesome Discovery At Historical Village Of Repton, England, Underground Man-Made Longyou Grottoes Remain An Ancient Unsolved Mystery, Yungang Grottoes: Marvellous Example Of Ancient Buddhist Rock-Cut Architecture, Fremont Indians: Unique 2,500-Year-Old Forgotten Culture Of North America. Written by – A. Sutherland AncientPages.com Staff Writer, Copyright © AncientPages.com All rights reserved. In Norse Mythology, a valkyrie (“chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Elli won. But the original version of Thor was not like that. Abode

Straightway there came into the hall an old woman, stricken in years.

When the sounds of his brothers and father calling from the land above, Jormungand rose from the ocean.

One day, Thor visited Utgard-Loki (also known as ‘Skrymir’), the strongest and the most cunning of the giants, in his mighty Utgardr castle.
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Therefore it is vital that we can continue to have strength in our old age and Elli, the Norse goddess of Old Age reminds us about it. Like Logi and Hugi, Elli was representative of something inevitable in life.

Was Princess Tadukhipa Of The Mitanni Kingdom Queen Nefertiti?

All Rights Reserved. After Thor's defeat, he learns that Elli is the personification of old age and could never have been successful. Here are some stories about how Thor was defeated in Norse mythology. After killing Jormungand, Thor walked seven paces away from snake corpse only to fall down because of the serpent's poison. DNA Results Revealed About Old Viking Murder Mystery, Inspirational Viking Quotes about Strength, Vikings: Farmers, Traders, and Great Builders of Their Times, Viking Age Weapons and Armor: Not Everyone Could Afford. Old age could beat anyone in life.

The hall of the giant Útgarda-Loki.

A. Sutherland - AncientPages.com - The story about Elli is a very powerful Norse myth that teaches us many important things. Old Age has always frightened both humans and gods according to Norse beliefs. Myths and Legends In the book Gylfaginning , Þórr and his companions Loki and Þjálfi are in the hall of giants where they meet difficult challenges testing their strength and skill.

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