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Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. The effect of all this jumping around between film clips and time periods – one particularly amusing sequence sees Chris Evans as Steve Rogers telling a boorish character played by Richard Burton to shut up – should be jarring and something that frequently throws you out of the experience, but Smith knows how far he can push things, and a complex and near seamless sound mix ‘tricks’ you into easily following the action on screen without disruption. For further information about the 60th London Film Festival visit here. }. This FAQ is empty.

Click here for more articles on Have You Seen My Movie? is also a great deal of fun to watch. Smith has now branched out on his own with a feature length work entitled Have You Seen My Movie?, which very much continues in this tradition of mass assemblage video works that play on one particular concept, but extend beyond simply being a ‘neat idea’.

». In Have You Seen My Movie?, Smith takes clips from a very wide range of films and cuts between them in order to create a macro narrative of the experience of going to the cinema and a great many micro narratives within this wonderful framework. ×  As Lee’s face shows his clear distress and Linda slowly realises why, so do members of the audience, and there is a collective shift from hilarious laughter to shock and genuine realisation.

is a great deal of fun to watch. Your email address will not be published.

Smith not only cuts together footage from films of people at the cinema, but he also includes footage of what they are watching. He is surrounded by people laughing at the racist Asian character played by Mickey Rooney, but not just those in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, but cinema patrons pulled from many, many films. 6 Romance, musical, action, horror, noir, comedy - and countless characters watch in the dark with you. There are a handful of moments that work on this sort of deeper level – a sequence involving war films, propaganda and the victims of war, is also rather moving, and a section that moves from the frivolity of sex in John Waters’ Cecil B. Demented to Paul Schrader’s Hardcore, is uncomfortable to watch in all the right ways – but a significant portion of Have You Seen My Movie? As the show wraps up and the patrons begin to leave their various cinema seats, there is a sense of melancholy – helped along by ending the film with the climax of Casablanca – that overcomes you. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. This is developed further as we begin to comprehend the themes of shared experiences and unique outlooks, with every audience member seeing something new. By accepting you will be accessing content from YouTube, a service provided by an external third party.  = 

A significant portion of Have You Seen My Movie? does not have a UK release date yet. that is steeped in the joy of going to the movies. Add the first question. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. View production, box office, & company info. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for "Have You Seen My Movie?" A joyous tribute to a sadly dying shared cultural experience, and a smart and entertaining conceptual movie. Get Movies. is awash with skilful editing, and the more you watch, you appreciate Smith’s vast knowledge and meticulous research. This montage revels in its ability to simply show, lending a decidedly innocent feeling to proceedings, expertly sidestepping the trap of telling its audience what to think, and allowing cinephiles to really enjoy the ride. Learn more Explored in a hazy thematic chronology, we’re fed a torrent of images that blur between the glory days of the silver screen, to the comparatively duller present. Those familiar with The Player will know that it was Griffin Mill, as played by Robbins, who sold out the screenwriters of Habeas Corpus and allowed this terrible ending. is the ritual of movie-going, and explores it from a performative and experiential perspective. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Clips from 100+ films are cut together to create a new cinema-going experience. This scene is being ‘watched’ by Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman) in The Shawshank Redemption. that is steeped in the joy of going to the movies. Directed by Paul Anton Smith. And it’s the hushed congregation of movie worshippers that this film celebrates.

There’s a romance to Have You Seen My Movie? display: none !important; | Review, The Barren Author: A six-part audio comedy-drama, Ten places to have a meal before the lockdown – also al fresco, London Film Festival 2016: The Illinois Parables | Review, London Film Festival 2016: Short Film Awards. is certainly a film that will play extremely well to an audience of cinema lovers. Paul Anton Smith, collaborator with Christian Marclay on The Clock, explores the intimacy of the auditorium through video excerpts ranging from major blockbusters to indie treasures. Have You Seen My Movie? Copyright © 2018 Theo Pape. It tells a story of a wider culture realising that something they have done in the past is wrong – viewers cover a wide time period – and a collective realisation is necessary to move away from such past mistakes. The piece was audacious, captivating, subtly mind-altering and a great deal of fun. A joyous tribute to a sadly dying shared cultural experience, and … There’s a romance to Have You Seen My Movie? A woman fears for her son's health when her ex-husband kidnaps him. Welcome back to my channel with another edition of "Have You Seen...?" Have You Seen My Movie? Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. More fun moments can be simple gags – a sequence of characters engaging in oral sex climaxing with The Magic of Halloween from the score from E.T. Use the HTML below.

It’s a fascinating look at how cinema has evolved historically from its theatrical roots – an interval with ice cream and an organ singalong make Vue and IMAX seem comparatively boring – to the more casual event it’s subsequently developed into. Indeed, the film ultimately feels very much like a tribute to the experience of going to the cinema and watching films. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A film that reminds you of why you go to the movies in the first place.

A massive montage of movie characters going to the movies. is a deeply personal affair, and leaves you reminiscing about your own (misspent) times in a velveteen upholstered chair, at the back of a dark room.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that. Have You Seen My Movie? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Watch an interview with Paul Anton Smith here: Please accept YouTube cookies to play this video. Catching these sort of cinematic in-jokes in Have You Seen My Movie? Read more reviews from the festival here. A film that reminds you of why you go to the movies in the first place.

Romance, musical, action, horror, noir, comedy - and countless characters watch in the dark with you. The film’s wider story takes a relatively simple, linear approach, with people first arriving at the cinema – from those blagging their way in for free, to lush red carpet affairs – and all the way to everyone heading home after collectively watching the end of Casablanca. With Lisa Hartman, William Russ, Anne Francis, Scott Hylands. In spite of the rather haphazard appearance, Have You Seen My Movie? The more playful elements of the film are borne from extremely sharp editing, and when coupled with baby-faced actors making their screen debut, becomes an enjoyable and nostalgic encounter. twenty four », Click here for articles on movies like Have You Seen My Movie? Directed by Paul Schneider. Clips from 100+ films are cut together to create a new cinema-going experience. and then the iconic bike shot, for instance – but there are also a number that rely on a little cinematic knowledge. Audience Reviews for Has Anybody Seen My Gal? Have You Seen My Movie? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. This is particularly effective in a sequence in which Smith makes significant use of the scene from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, in which Bruce Lee (Jason Scott Lee) watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s with his then girlfriend Linda (Lauren Holly). Have You Seen My Movie? All rights reserved. .hide-if-no-js { Buy Movies. consists entirely of found footage from other movies. Looking for some great streaming picks? Have You Seen My Movie? If you accept this notice, your choice will be saved and the page will refresh. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? This all culminated in Marclay’s most incredible work to date, The Clock, a film which saw Marclay and his assistant, Paul Anton Smith, assemble a twenty-four hour video installation from film clips that mirrored the actual time of day. It’s a surprisingly simple idea, well executed and very evocative. From buying a ticket, to raunchy back-of-the-auditorium exploits, Smith lovingly pieces together footage that shows the evolution of a favourite pastime. isn’t essential to an enjoyment of the film, but it’s certainly a film that will play extremely well to an audience of cinema lovers.

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