heartbreak ridge quotes adapt, overcome

Highway: Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is not a natural act. As Helmuth von Moltke, the German military strategist, identified in a famous military dictum, “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” They say in the Army that no battle plan survives the first five minutes of combat. Highway: That's too bad, you're old lady does. Hugh Jackman Age, In other words, they're my men and so are you, GET IT?

Popularized by Clint Eastwood as Gunny Highway in Heartbreak Ridge, the Marine Corps phrase “adapt, improvise and overcome!” is really the rule of the road for life and travel, as both will throw you curve balls. Powers: They're not your men, you arrogant, egocentric, son of a bitch. Lieutenant M.R. View All Photos (6) Heartbreak Ridge Quotes "Swede" Johnson: I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck. Highway: I don't give a fuck about Major Powers. Choozoo: Still a mean and nasty bastard. Highway: I've drank more beer, pissed more blood, and banged more quiff than all you numb-nuts put together. 3 Nov. 2020.

It takes more than an attitude to make a Marine and make the Corps a legendary fighting force, but they are continued proof of the power of a proper attitude. This military perspective was gained from my 11 years of active duty during the Vietnam and the Cold War eras, where I served in infantry, transportation, and logistics US Army officer slots at various posts in the US and overseas. Choozoo: If your brain was half as quick as your mouth, skunk stool, you'd be a friggin' twenty-star general by now. With only meager supplies, he is forced to use his intelligence and ingenuity to survive and also to find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive for a rescue mission. Where's your cover? You better get your tail out of here and I'm gonna get mad! Give 'em a few more yards, then we'll nail the coffin shut. [Gunnery Sergeant Highway, newly-arrived on base, has come to battalion headquarters and found Sergeant Major Choozoo's office. Fo76 Campfire Tales Trigger, [Behind them, Profile raises a hand nervously as Highway turns and stares at him.]. When things don’t go as planned you can either shut down, or…. A Suitable Boy Family Tree, The Wild Vr, Supply Chain Management: an Art, Craft, or Both? [Colonel Meyers, commander of the 8th Marine Regiment, arrives.].

Terry Childers True Story, Swede, say something charming to the man.

Marines shouldn't be sitting on their sorry asses filling out requisitions for equipment they should already have. Colonel Meyers: I had a rifle company in 1st Battalion, 7th.

The final human wave, he held off almost singlehandedly. I may never wanna see your craggy, old face again, do you hear me?

We've ambushed Major Powers three times and always right here; we know what we're doing. Sports Direct Subsidiaries, In the military film, Heartbreak Ridge, he says to his soldiers, “ Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ,” …

Moon 44 Streaming, Highway: You shouldn't litter, Fag-etti. Sometimes you just have to understand the situation has changed and look at it from a different perspective. Thomas Highway: She's as crazy as she's always been, for Christ's sake. Thanks for your vote! Colonel Meyers: [to Major Powers] Well, you're dismissed!

It’s bad for the planet. This is a Marine amphibious unit, Major! Don’t expect it to be like back home, because that’s the beauty of travel, it’s not supposed to be like “back home.” Partake in new experiences! You overcome. Highway: Be advised, I'm mean nasty and tired. [Swede throws the first punch; Highway dodges it and grabs Swede's arm in a joint lock, forcing him down]. Lacrosse Gear, Which character says, "Heartbreak Ridge? Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Heavier Than Heaven Quotes, Get the fuck out of here! Now where the hell's your backup? Maj. Malcolm A. If you have learned to adapt and overcome, then you have had to improvise on occasion.

Install Ddd, Combat the Supply Chain Talent Drain—Use RSNP, Channeling My Supply Chain through Andy Rooney. Colonel Meyers: [A beat as Colonel Meyers, a combat veteran, looks at him] Let's hope that won't be necessary. The Black Swan Summary, I was thrilled! So they spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars to develop a pen that could put ink to paper without gravity. Swede Johanson: Gunny, I'm afraid of heights. With Clint Eastwood, Marsha Mason, Everett McGill, Moses Gunn. You improvise.”, One thing I learned in the military is to adjust to whatever situation being faced. “You can run me, you can starve me and you can beat me and you can kill me. General Gus Pagonis, retired President of Sears Logistics Services and Chairman of GENCO, describes it best in his own words: “Logisticians deal with unknowns. [punches Swede, knocking him to the floor] Now get your ass out in that street, ladies. Usc Football, Stitch Jones: [hastily] Uh, I'll catch you later, Swede! So when things are not going as planned, you need to adapt to the situation at hand and make the necessary adjustments. Stitch Jones: We're here for that! While some may experience more than others, everyone will suffer setbacks and periods of difficulty. Colonel Meyers: Well then stick to it, cause you're a walking clusterfuck as an infantry officer! [they let First Platoon walk farther into the ambush] Okay now.

I can tell you, the best damned poontang I ever paid for was in Da Nang.

Everton Vs Liverpool Results, Swede!

Masterminds Guntur, He would look at the plan of battle and his maps and consider all the different things that could go wrong and think through what he would do in response to each of those things. Colonel Meyers: That's for sure. A Woman Called Moses Summary, Colonel Meyers: How are your men doing, Major?

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