how dark should a pregnancy test line be at 5 weeks

Answer: If two lines appeared within the first 10 minutes of taking the test, no matter how dark or light they appeared, chances are pretty good that you might be pregnant.

Just wanted to give an update: so I tested with a FRER and it was darker than the control line at 23dpo. I've had 4 or 5 cheap 88¢ tests say faint lines the last one was a little darker...but I took two clear blue digital tests they say not pregnant.

Even though you will likely pass more hCG in your urine as the pregnancy progresses, a home test will not necessarily reveal a darker line …

Is a Faint Line on the Pregnancy Test a Sign of Miscarriage? Question: I took a pregnancy test and then after that two lines appear. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up.

Am I pregnant? If it makes you feel better and you don't mind posting potential news of your pregnancy on the internet—go for it. My husband thinks I should go in at 6 weeks unless I miscarry.

Marissa (author) from United States on August 21, 2019: I have a pink line and an extremely faint line on my test this morning.

Answer: If both lines appeared within the first 10 minutes of taking the test, that usually means pregnancy. Thanks for any feedback :). Still, I get the faint line.

I had periods on 10 june to 15june l got test on 25june there was one line dark and one was fant what lts meaning, I keep getting faint positive and then I get negatives I been testing since April and I took one today and it was negative but the one before tht was a faint positive.

Turns out, there's a science behind the lines. Am I pregnant or not? Answer: After about 10 to 15 minutes, the test is considered invalid. Question: Two days after my missed period, and the test line is still faint.

I am 4 days past period and already took 5 tests, each came up extremely faint line, almost invisible. You take a pregnancy test because you want to know for sure whether or not you’re pregnant. I am four days late.

Could they be reason of consistent faint line? I'm attaching a picture of today's test which is 10dpt.

after seeing my period I still have signs of nausea, then I tested but it was negative yet I don't feel satisfied because I still ve nausea.. am I pregnant?? I take a test monday night a it showing two line one bright and one faint.Am I pregnant?

Hie I m Riya ..and I m 20 in April I had aborted the baby..after the abortion in July I had sex and then I missed my periods.after my periods 10 t0 12 I have tested it appears 2 times a faint line on test kit ..and today the bleeding started ..what's the reason the bleeding is happens .is it a miscarriage or late period..or am I pregnant or not?

Home tests use your urine to determine how much of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is in your system. What does this mean? Take prenatal vitamins, eat a healthy diet, exercise when you can, and avoid anything you shouldn't be exposed to during pregnancy. An evaporation line is a faint, almost colorless line that commonly appears when the urine in the results window of your home pregnancy test fades and dries out.

But the best way to avoid getting a light line on your pregnancy test is to test when your hormone levels have reached an easily detectable level. How You Can Avoid Evaporation Lines on Pregnancy Tests.

Are Home Pregnancy Tests Always Accurate? A pregnancy with a faint positive can be saved by progesterone supplemental. Waiting to read the pregnancy test until late can result in problems and lead to you misreading the test or in an error in the reported results. Question: I have two red lines on my pregnancy test, but one line is faint. Could I still be pregnant?

It has to do with the levels of HCG in your system. I'm finding it hard not to worry every day about every symptom (or lack thereof)!

I think a LOT of women do this early in pregnancy. With early miscarriage, otherwise known as a "chemical pregnancy," residual hCG hormone may still remain in a woman's body, and there may be just enough for it to show up on a home pregnancy test.

If there are two lines, no matter how faint the second one is, you're most likely pregnant!

Check the test after 2 minutes and then discard it. Why did my test come out negative? doi:10.1016/j.cca.2011.05.025.

A few hours later I started lite spotting and went to the dr and got a negative and they did bloodwork that came by with a level of 10 and suggested chemical pregnancy. An evaporation line appears in the results window of a pregnancy test but, unlike a positive line, it is colorless, very faint, and does not mean that you’re pregnant.

Is it possible that I'm pregnant now? Could it be a sign of chemical pregnancy or impending miscarriage?

Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.

I had my 1 frozen embryo (6AB) transferred on June 1st. Answer: It's possible that you're still pregnant. Why Should Early Pregnancy Tests Be Taken in the Morning? I suggest speaking with your doctor.

Am I still pregnant?

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