lawrence kane handwriting

), (The Albany Times-Union. The die was cast. LL: Yeah, that’s what I mean, astrology calendar.

June 17, 1952. Okay. It also warrants mention that April 26 was his mother’s birthday. However, the subject stated he could not do this. Fined $50 and costs. I’ve included some contemporary newspaper references to the P.R.S./Naval Armory at the following link: ), (Above: Naval Reserve Armory, Chicago, IL. Excerpt, Rider McDowell’s On the Trail of the Zodiac, San Francisco Chronicle, May 08, 1994: “The records also showed that Kane had used several aliases over the years including: Larry Cane, Lawrence Barton, and Larry Kaye. June 23, 1952. Kathleen consented, thinking that her clunker of a 1957 Rambler station wagon probably needed the adjustment. See excerpt below.

She had been shot once through the head with a .22 long jacket bullet (similar in make and model to bullets favored by the Zodiac. The fates had played their little game. I suggested quite some time ago that You & I create a joint effort because of all other researchers who are Larry Kaye specific, your findings are by far the most impressive.

The driver surveyed the terrain: the parked car with its doors ajar, the man with the flashlight, what looked to be a woman and her baby rising out of the depths of the adjacent field. However, even one portion that does not match would rule it out. December 20, 1949. June 18, 1952. ), (Archival Business Directory Listing for South Lake Tahoe, CA. ), (The Utica Daily Press. I would at this time like to take advantage of the fact that anyone who should be listening to this record cannot talk back to me and cannot interrupt my chain of thought. of leaving his victims by a “body of water.” On the night of the abduction, an anonymous caller had rung up Dana’s parents to tell them, “Your daughter is dead.”. Samples of the Zodiac’s handwriting were taken from the letters that he wrote between 1969 and 1972 and Bryan Hartnell’s car door.

), (The Arizona Republic.

), (Above: 1976 CA driver licenses issued under the name of Larry Cane. LL: Like, a plaque, a round plaque of the zodiac on one of the walls. She first appeared in her parents’ act in Kansas City at age 2½, singing “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” as a dare to her parents from columnist (and later radio star) Goodman Ace.

April 30, 1952. Tophigh described the suspect as 5’9″, 160-170 lbs, with a round face, short dark hair, and horn rimmed glasses.

September 09, 1958. He described the suspect as being “middle aged”, 30 to 40 years old (later revised to mid-30’s to 40’s.) I get it. (…) Other than the designation “Radio (or Electronics) Technician Training,” no official name appears on records for the overall program; however, Electronics Training Program (ETP) was the commonly used name. Holding his finger on Kane he said, “No, it’s been too long.” I asked him if any of them were familiar? ), (The Long Beach Press Telegram. LL: I mean, isn’t there a zodiac calendar? ), (Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology, Rossel Hope Robbins, 1959. Beyond the Reach of Sense: An Inquiry Into Extra-Sensory Perception. February 08, 1979. The tan car pulled in behind her and a clean cut man in a windbreaker offered to tighten the lug nuts on the loose tire. Lawrence Kane was born on April 29, 1924, (note: though he would, in later years, cite various other dates, this is the date recorded on his birth certificate – see NYC birth index listing below) in Brooklyn, NY, the eldest of three sons born to the union of Morris Haim (Harry) Klein and Sarah Benjamin. Despite sharing a surname with Kane’s mother, he doesn’t appear to have been related.). March 29, 1967. September 23, 1947. “Records of the California Department of Motor Vehicles indicate that license driving privileges for Lawrence Klein, also known as Lawrence L(illegible; possibly Lane), also known as Larry Kane, also known as Larry Kaye, also known as Lawrence Barton, also known as S.A. Klieman,  were revoked pursuant to  Section 14.105 (inability to drive safely) of the Vehicle Code, effective December 05, 1964. . He later succeeded in having both charges expunged from his record. May 07, 1974.

), (Marriage certificate  and license affidavit for Lawrence Kaye and Marie Brown, dated December 30, 1959. The ‘premises’ in question likely refer to commercial property located at the corner of Broad and Cleveland (136 S. Broad Ave.) in New Orleans. A nervous Hines had prepared a three row line up, with six pictures in each. Extract from Rider McDowell’s On the Trail of the Zodiac, San Francisco Chronicle, May 08, 1994: “Additionally, Hines learned that Kane’s San Francisco address in 1969 through part of ’70, 217 Eddy Street, was located two and a half blocks from where cab driver victim Paul Stine had picked up the Zodiac.

” For more information, see, Eileen Barton –, (Eileen Barton with Frank Sinatra. The complaints in these reports were filed by two Tahoe residents, Mary Ida Hylander (link) and Nancy Kapanos. January 03, 1951. The Test was noted to have been very successful for this purpose. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I don’t call back, nor do I leave my number on his machine in a subsequent call, should he have a change of heart.”. Charge not specified. Click here to see the front exterior of the Cave Rock property as it appeared during Kane’s residence there.

Credit: Harvey Hines; (Excerpt, Hines report. Adler and Lt. Forbush of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. ), (The New York Daily News.

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