leopard gecko spine

Besides coming in a variety of color morphs, leopard geckos can derive from bloodlines that grant a larger size. But larger specimens do exist.

If you don’t want to have a ton of babies to care for, stick with female geckos!

Ensure that the tank is empty when feeding them to avoid ingesting substrates.

Molded plastic boxes work fine.

These cute little lizards are excellent beginner pets, and also make ideal companions for breeding reptile enthusiasts to produce rare color morphs. Captive-bred leopard geckos can be found in pet stores. But while we will provide you with some advice on first aid or initial treatment, always see your reptile vet for professional advice.

Like other lizards, leopard geckos that are undernourished or live in a cage with insufficient moisture may develop dysecdysis. Like humans, geckos can get sick if they do not get enough vitamin D or calcium.

Please note that leopard geckos might lay eggs without mating with a male – but the eggs will be infertile. You want to focus more on the width of the enclosure rather than it’s height. Older leopard geckos might bully smaller ones. Light should be on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. That is one of the reasons not to use loose substrate such as sand. Leopard geckos are naturally inquisitive and they will spend their nights exploring their enclosure, which is why you want to provide a number of hides and accessories to keep your gecko happy and entertained. Their dimensions and overall shape are pretty much the same though.

With too-low humidity levels, cool temperatures, and lack of available furniture to rub against, your gecko may retain patches of skin.
While you shouldn’t generally bathe your leopard gecko, you can do it once whenever your leopard gecko is shedding.

Even though they can be fussy, these leopards cannot hurt you.

Pay attention to the humidity levels in your gecko’s cage. Even though these are low-maintenance reptiles, there are still a few crucial things you need to know.

Minor cuts and injuries can be treated at home – use antibiotic ointment for the wound and remove any loose substrate that might stick to it. If you’re in the market for an easy to care for reptile with a perky personality, look no further than the leopard gecko. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted health complications, so make it a habit! You will be often able to see the mass in the stomach or feel it with fingers.
Ideally, humidity levels should remain between 30% to 40%. These lizards are prone to snatching up their substrate, particularly sand, if fed in their usual habitat. Since most leopard gecko feeders are rich in phosphorus and deficient in calcium, using a supplement that has a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1 is essential to ensure proper metabolism. The eyelid might become swollen and red.

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