moon in ardra nakshatra

At times, you behave like an innocent child who doesn’t know about the tensions of future.

Few of the charcteristics of this star are that they are strong and stable at the same time soft and sacrifice a lot to be financially independent and also are highly prone to fear, anger and sickness.

The elusive facets of Rahu make Ardra a confusing nakshatra which whiles away in fruitless pursuits. When at birth time Moon is in Ardra Nakshtra, it makes native very unpredictable person who at times can be noble and praiseworthy, truthful, intelligent and has control over senses when Moon is very strongly posited, but when Moon is weak, then Ardra native can be cruel, bad character, evil –minded, proud and sickly type person. You find it hard to understand their need to love and mother everyone. The astronomical name for Ardra Nakshtra is Betelgeuse. Eclipses are dark events as they are the times when the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are darkened, if not completely covered and devoid of their ability to brighten the sky. However, during the year 2019  your luck may take  a swing back and forth and also up and down. So it is recommended to be careful while handling your relationships during this period. Venus just entered Virgo where she is debilitated. It is characterized by the birth of the intellect which harmonizes the wanderings of the previous nakshatra, Mrigashira.

Situations keep on testing you, but you always protect yourself from shattering down. In the first quarter of the Ardra Nakshatra which is governed by Jupiter comes in Sagittarius Navamsa. The path of love never runs smooth. Design By,,,, Planetary War Series - Mars-Saturn Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Mars-Mercury Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Ketu Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Rahu Conjunction, Planetary War Series - Moon-Saturn Conjunction, Horoscope of Jim Carrey – The Monk in Hollywood. Wearing red, metallic, green, silver, black and dark grey colors is also recommended. Keywords for instance, Sinful, ungrateful, Insincere. In order to have a beautiful conjugal life, avoid any kind of argument. Keywords for instance, Clean-hearted, independent, tactful. Cool. They can be unkind in the way they reject you. Keywords for instance, Hot tempered, Physically strong. The Ardra Nakshatra belongs to the Female Dog Yoni/Animal Symbol. Struggles until 30th year, then process occurs. Ones intuitions,natural emotions and intelligence are majorly dependent on the moon’s position and these constantly changing emotions and feelings are dealt by the 28 Nakshatra’s which are based on the position of the moon. Click on the dropdown button to translate. According to the chart of astrology, Arudra nakshatra is comprises completely within the Zodiac sign of Gemini .Generally, those who are born under this nakshatra go through a lot of difficult times which helps them understanding about life and also correcting the old mistakes made by them also because of which a teardrop which represents them which symbolizes both renewal as well as sorrow. This may have link with the fact that, Ardra Nakshatra is being traditionally associated with lack of gratitude and a certain ill will (malice). This Nakshatra has a span extending from 6°40′ to 20°00′ Gemini (Mithun Rasi). Facebook Page - . One of the positive side of Ardra Nakshatra is, as Shiva (Rudra) by means of destruction eventually removes the cause of misery. You work on the laws of “why” and “how”, and keep on resolving the unresolved mysteries. artistic, clever in doing their work, dutiful.

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Even if it takes place early it is unlikely to last for a longer period of time due to incompatibility or any sort of practical compulsions in a marriage.

The movement of the Moon gives rise to the concept of Nakshatras. They signify all the kinds of material ambitions and  the frustrations. 67% compatible, 22) Ardra and Shravana : You want Shravana appear to offer: love, emotion, sentimentality and passion. 33% compatible, 10) Ardra and Magha : Rahu rules Ardra and Ketu rules Magha, so you are invisibly tied in an eternal struggle to find happiness. And a person who is prone to insincerity and addicted to wicked deeds. They act quickly, have a curious mind and craves for more and more knowledge and have a  good memory and strong communication skills also they are truthful and compassionate toward those who suffer in pain. They do not mind working at locations away from home even if they are situated in abroad.the peak time for their career is in the age between 32 to 42 years. Therefore, a deep feeling combined with passionate thinking can experienced here. Stand up to them and do not allow your relationship to become too one-sided. ARDRA NAKSHATRA. Ardra Nakshatra ruling deity : Rudra (a form of Shiva), Ardra Nakshatra Zodiacal Position : 6°40’ - 20°00’ In Gemini, Ardra Nakshatra Translation of Name : Moist, Ardra Nakshatra Astronomical Name : α Orionis, Ardra Nakshatra Nature : Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna), Ardra Nakshatra Yoni : Female Dog (Shwaan Yoni). I value the post.Thanks Again. In the cosmic nature of things, Ardra represents ‘yatna shakti’, the power to make efforts by seeking for the desired goal. Let the energy wash over you, cleansing, create a clean slate.

Ardra natives have a chance to better their lives, although this is not easy to achieve in today’s world. Relevant!! They face rough face in their married life with their husband and also fail  get happiness from their children. Their lives are characterized by changes and U-turns. In addition, Attractive, beautiful appearance, happy mood, gives hope to others, healing gifts, nurtures others. It is the nakshatra where impressions and sensitivity find place to make the mind active as well as reactive. 67% compatible, 14) Ardra and Chitra : Chitra means a reflection and here they reflect your soul’s desires. Sequential recommendations for top useful article posts on, Insider’s sneak peek on the views and new adaptations by Astrologer’s community, ✨ A Promise so you always cherish us in your inbox (We support anti-spam ). In the fourth  quarter of the Ardra Nakshatra which is ruled by Jupiter comes in Pisces Navamsa which is signified by compassion and sensitivity. They can be damn fussy and irritated sometimes about trival things otherwise they are quiet intelligent and helpful towards others. You are mysterious and resolve problems with maturity. You might stay away from home for your daily bread. Ardra nakshtra prediction : Being born in the Aadra Nakshatra, you will be loyal toward your responsibilities and hard working.

Keywords for instance, Strong attachment to certain friends.

Try not to be too analytical about your relationship. One thing that makes Vedic Astrology stand out is, Thank you, Gina, for this beautiful post! This may make a person who have seen the tribulations of Life more strong about his world view and may gain him the worthy awareness and knowledge of how much it costs to accomplish one’s goals. In addition, Entertainer, political success, leadership. People who deal with canned, frozen and junk foods, 1) Ardra and Ashwini : You can feel rejected by Ashwini. You will notice personal growth, also professionally and in your social status. After sleeping over all the problems, you finally succeed in overpowering them. This combination can make for stormy mental activity, inner turmoil, conflict. they have the urge to explore during this period.

When it comes on daily bread, some fields like this may come to your preferences: electrical engineering or computer related works; english translation; photography; teaching physics or mathematics; research or related work; philosophy; novel writing; doctor dealing with poisons; pharmaceutical; eye and brain disease diagnosis; transportation; communication department; department of psychiatry; intelligence and mystery resolving; fast food and alcoholic beverages; etc. Do not put such a burden on them. Both of you can feel unhappy and disappointed by the result. Philosophy, love and emotions all make up a very nice package for both of you. You find the relationship sexually cold. Keywords for instance, Troubles with early marriage. You have a speciality of understanding the world and you don’t hesitate in sharing your experiences with your experiments.

They face rough face in their married life with their husband and also fail, This year that is 2019, will make you more strong and help you to progress towards a positive direction in life. Twitter Page - . You are strongly attracted to Mula but Mula usually shy away from you since being sexually satisfied with you means that they are failing in their spiritual responsibilities. Keywords for instance, Fickle nature, Indecisive, self publishing.

Keep writing. They have sharp intuitions and are even better psychologists.

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