nursing essay on wound care

Dealey C. Obtaining the evidence for clinically effective wound care. As with other aspects of effective wound care, pain reduction during dressing is a challenging management issue and has been examined by Meaume et al (2004).

Employers are on the look out only for competent nurses who have demonstrated ability and knowledge in their respective fields. Skill clinical knowledge: The value of perceptual awareness.

The evidence for the study is based on clinical trials and case studies of patients who have genetic deficiencies affecting dietary metabolism.

J Wound Care. In that regard, your academic qualification is the only thing that you will use to ensure you get noticed. Principles of clinical governance have considerable significance for healthcare organizations and highlight on the different processes of application, including responsibilities that have to be adopted. It also delineates the legal aspects of each study and the legal responsibilities of the nurse involved in the malpractice suit. Free resources to assist you with your nursing studies! Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher in nursing or healthcare?

NUR/391 All our writers, editors and top management is comprised of individuals with strong medical background.It doesn't matter what you want. Signs and symptoms of hypothetical wound assessment by nurses. Apart from acquiring skills, nursing must constantly attend remedial classes or go back to books to improve their nursing skills. It starts by looking at an introduction of the setting of the scene. 2005 Mar 24-Apr 13;14(6):S14-20. Rehabilitation nurses are challenged to understand issues that are related to working with vulnerable patients affected with wounds and these factors include poverty and payment for care, culture and literacy. According to NHS report, 1998, ‘Wound care has, in the past, not been well managed because of the limited understanding of the healing process and the inadequate range of dressing materials available. 1997 Feb;6(2):85-7. Wound infection and presence of pathogens in the skin and body are primarily responsible for delayed wound healing although host immune response and local environmental factors such as tissue necrosis, hypoxia and ischemia impair immune cell activity.

Offer valid examples. Our Expert Nursing Paper Writers can help you with your assignment today. In compilation of this essay the author has preserved the confidentiality and identity of all service users that have been referenced to. I feel more knowledgeable now.

The use of compression bandaging has also been found to be more cost effective when compared with a system of care where there is no compression.

1999 Jul;9(3):95-8. Review. But in order to give our patients the best possible care, we must look at our day through a holistic lens. 100% original work. 1997 Feb;6(2):85-7. Cost-effectiveness: seeking value for money in lower extremity wound management. Dowsett C. Malignant fungating wounds: assessment and management. Reference this. A proactive approach to wound infection. However factors such as wound type, depth, and location, quality, level of tissue perfusion and anti-microbial efficacy or resistance is important for examining microbial effects on wounds.

health is determined by how efficient the inflammatory response is when it comes to kick-starting the process of wound healing.

*You can also browse our support articles here >, maintaining quality of care according to principles of clinical governance, improving healing and reducing mortality rates. The Essay on Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home. 2003 Jun;8(6 Suppl):S26-34. 2002 Aug;7(8):394-400. Patient, C.A., an eight five years old male, admitted to the ICU after having a heart attack at home. Br J Nurs. It is legal requirement for ENs to report all reasonable beliefs of any risk of harm for elderly people and/or... ...

Essay on Wound Care Assignment Identification of the stages and processes of a wound is an essential aspect of treatment. However, it is not always a smooth sailing for such students.

Antiseptics, antibiotics, antimicrobial therapy, vacuum assisted wound closure, enzymatic and surgical debridement, pressure reduction in wounds and complementary and alternative therapies are the common techniques of wound management. I was able to work with an interdisciplinary team to deliver the best wound since poor wound care can cause patient discomfort affecting their quality of life.

It is a major field of study in social science and nursing. However, this you can only achieve this by having exemplary results in your Human Bio science Research Paper. Vowden K, Vowden P. Understanding exudate management and the role of exudate in the healing process.

Does the writer working on my human bio-science research paper have a background in medicine? The National Law has requirement for national boards to enterprise wide range consultation on registration standards, codes and guidelines. Ramon Pediani, 2001, World wide wounds – (Find a price that suits your requirements), * Save 10% on First Order, discount promo code "096K2". However, according to Flanagan, 39% have no academic qualifications and only 34% had completed ENB courses in tissue viability (Flanagan, 1997). (2003) Wound Bed Preparation: A Systematic Approach to Wound Management Wound Repair and Regeneration; 11, Supplement : 1-28. We have the most experienced and dedicated writers who handle our client’s research papers. Wound management in vulnerable populations.

Nursing Essay Exposure of subcutaneous tissue with a wound provides a moist and warm environment for microbial organisms. Clinical governance and the potential implications for tissue viability. Banner’s theory of professional growth introduce the concept that the expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through education and experience (Journal of Nursing, 1982, p. 30). Fungating wounds require sensitivity in nursing management and consideration of social and psychological issues. He or she must create an open dialogue with patients and their families so they fully comprehend medication, diagnosis or any other medical concerns that may be in need. She has been reported to have small vessel disease and a stroke and also two pressure ulcers on her buttocks. Wound management has now come full circle, back to Hippocrates’ principle and dressings are being developed to provide the ideal environment for nature to do its work’. Rehabilitation nurses are challenged to understand issues that are related to working with vulnerable patients affected with wounds and these factors include poverty and payment for care, culture and literacy. NHS report on wound care Maylor ME. Dowsett (2005) emphasize on the need for nurses to work in partnership with patients to meet their clinical, quality of life and psychosocial needs. In Sprakes and Tyrer’s (2010) research article entitled “Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home”, the effectiveness of wound and pressure ulcer management was examined. Dealey (1998) gives the blueprint for clinically effective wound care and suggests that in tissue viability as in other aspects of healthcare, there is an increasing recognition for the need of healthcare interventions and the randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the most accurate evidence of effectiveness. It will highlight the significance of each element not only in ensuring the physical and general well-being of the patient but also treating the patient as an individual. Br J Nurs. Wilson concludes by saying that, ‘ It is up to us all as healthcare practitioners to ensure that we keep professionally up-to-date, enhance our education, research and development, and have a mechanism for monitoring and safeguarding our performance’ (p.95). Many diseases are emerging in this fast-paced moving healthcare environment. Dunford C. The use of honey-derived dressings to promote effective wound management.

...Sample Essay I chose this topic because I did some research on different things and this concept grabbed my interest the most.

Functional Community Structures Research Paper. Identify one situation in which fragmentation of the wound care team contributed to poor outcomes on patient care. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (2009) It is clear that wound management is a complex area and the it is the nurses responsibility to ensure that they give the correct care to the patient and they use the dressings that are selected on their knowledge and understanding of what the dressing will achieve they need to be constantly aware of new products available to treat the wounds.

2001 Apr;14(2):244-69. Franks and Bosanquet (2004) bring out another challenging aspect of wound management, namely cost effectiveness and discusses different methods of evaluating cost in relation to the outcomes of treatment and reviews the evidence of cost-effectiveness (CE) in the management of chronic leg ulceration.

“Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that address the whole person-body, mind and spirit”. Before taking this course, I will start my day by getting bedside report and then provide care for my patient. I will also do some research into the code of conduct and scope of practice to expand my knowledge on patient care such as gaining consent, maintaining dignity and maintaining dignity and respect. Maylor ME. These elements are influenced by the patient’s physical and psychological status and the aim of the wound bed preparation is to create optimal wound healing environment as well as vascularised and stable wound bed with no exudates. Vowden K Complex wound or complex patient?

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