ruger 6mm remington

Bottom line: The 6mm may not be as popular as it once was with America’s hunters, but it’s the darling of those shooting the smallest groups at the longest ranges. Since the newly introduced .243 with its 100 grain bullet was also available, it is thought many consumers believed that to be the minimum mass needed to hunt deer.

I think it would be better in a long action.

But they do, and they have a good-enough record doing it that Hornady, who gave us the insanely popular 6.5 Creedmoor, last year rolled out a 6mm Creedmoor. I packed a 6mm in a Ruger 77R Flatbolt for years. Three years later Remington offered the 725ADL in .244, a feature rich model akin to the modern Model 700. Center rifle is a Remington Model 600 Centennial in 6mm Remington made in 1964. Whether this was due to Winchester’s slightly heavier big game bullet or the differences in the aesthetic features of the initial rifles themselves or other factors altogether, it is difficult to say in retrospect. Jon R. Sundra has been a full-time professional firearms and hunting writer since 1970 and has served on the editorial staff of many of the largest national firearms and outdoor publications. In 1963 Remington produced both cartridges using their own sourced brass, primers, powder and bullets. It has had some modifications.

I own four 6MM REM rifles of various configurations and have another one on the way. Remington selected the Model 722A and 722BDL when first introducing the .244 and Winchester relied upon their Model 70 for their .243. Here again, Page and Huntington were in the picture because both had also developed wildcat .24s based on the .257 Roberts case, which prompted Remington to choose it for their .244. I hate case stretching and both are guilty, I like the improved version of both to eliminate the stretching. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. I have used mainly IMR-4064 in mine with a 85gr Sierra. 100-grain load exiting at 3,100 fps, and the .243 Win. Both were intended for the same purposes, both developed out of wildcat loads and both were introduced in the same year. Remington continued to offer factory ammo in 75 and 90 grain bullets. Over the years it has collected in addition, mule deer, whitetail, rockchucks, antelope. I have a 6mm set up for 1200 yards and I love it. That didn't work either. This was a necked down .257 Roberts casing shooting a .24/6mm bullet. I packed a 6mm in a Ruger 77R Flatbolt for years. By selecting the slowest twist possible, Remington was seeking to avoid excessive spin. Even with the short action, I have enough room to run the 87 vmaxs seated out to the lanz (not sure you could do that with a Rem action). I had never heard of the 6mm Rem until I went hunting with Furhunter and watched him take a nice coyote with his Ruger...I had a .222 that day. Remington changed the twist rate to 1:10 around 1958, but it was too late; the damage had been done. When used in the less common earlier slow twist barrels, it offers exceptional range for varmint applications. Remington even re-branded the cartridge name itself for a fresh start with a 100-grain factory load as 6mm Remington. And to make sure there were no stability problems, they went with a 1:9 twist! Other manufacturers including Marlin, Savage, and Ruger have also chambered rifles for 6mm Remington over the years.

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