ruger lcr review

Not hard at all to pick up and find plenty of ammo that shoots with no issue with the revolver in 9mm. I should also note that this is more than I’d expect to get out of a pocket .380 ACP in one session—score one for the round gun. Ruger's new for 2009 Lightweight Compact Revolver has been billed as the “Evolution of the Revolver.” It has proved to be at least that, if not more.

The 9mm beats the .38 Special for energy and I expected more kick from the Metric Ruger, but it was noticeably more controllable than shooting the .38 Special LCR with equivalent loads (such as standard pressure, 124 grain, 9mm versus 125+P .38 Special). I don’t know about Remingtons offering.

MSRP: $596 (the Talo model with the gold band), MSRP: $570 (the Talo model with the silver band), Retail: $529 (.357 Magnum model) @ Brownells—, Retail: $449 (.38 Special model) @ Brownells—. The grip itself is actually comfortable when it comes to shooting, but I can’t stand a hanging pinky. Many street-savvy police officers understand the importance of carrying a backup gun for those times when … I think I’m still angling towards an SP101 in .357 for the extra ounces to soak up recoil.

It’s too light a revolver to be consistent with shooting 9mm ammo with the bullet crimp jump for a defensive situation and it’s too small to be a plinker.

Short-stroking cost you a round in competition, maybe more on the street. I found the trigger action reasonably smooth with only a slight glitch midway through the trigger stroke. I think you’re seeing two things at play. The lighter the weight, the more pronounced the recoil.

Treated with an advanced form of Ruger’s Target Grey finish, this stainless steel cylinder is strong, durable and designed to handle  full-power .38 Special +P loads. I shot the CorBon 110+P DPX in the .38 LCR and thought it was the lightest kicking JHP of any that I tried. Yes.

They are made longer specifically to be able to get that pinky on there!

Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately the Tritium sight won’t work without significant Kentucky Windage according to the mfg. That’s both a good and a bad thing, depending on your needs and perspective. It hanldes a lot nicer than most one pound pistols,. On the third full cylinder of firing, we had this occur with a single round.

Had an LCR .357. If so, the maximum pressure would be almost 3x that of .38 S&W – I seriously doubt any gun designed for the latter would withstand it without undergoing catastrophic failure, most likely blowing up the cylinder (and a finger or two off the person holding the gun). Is that smaller than .355?

Review: The .38 Special Ruger LCR We took a good look under the hood of the Ruger LCR a while back and also did a field report on the LCR in 9mm .

It really deserves the Magnum title, and I’d be much happier shooting it in the all-steel, 27 ounce, SP101 than the hybrid LCR. My LCR 357 (early one) has a 9 lb trigger pull and is much easier to “short stroke” than my newer LCRx with a 10lb pull and heavier trigger return. A harder push, but not for as long. In fact, it weighs .1 ounce more than the .357 Magnum variant. .38Spl: 868 fps. It also shot to the point of aim as well. I went that route specifically because of recoil concerns (I’m still young enough to think I can tough it out and handle the recoil, but just smart enough to know that I don’t want to regret that later when it leads to arthritis).

It would alleviate the hanging pinky, but I think it cuts back on how well the LCR conceals. While I’ve successfully managed full bore, 158 grain, .357 Magnum in a steel snubby before, I don’t like it and I’m not willing to put up with the nasty recoil and slow recovery for the added power margin. View all posts by Mike. I attribute this to the fact that the upper receiver on the 9mm LCR is made of stainless steel, instead of aluminum. 9mm +P max SAAMI pressure is 38,500 psi, or 10% higher than .357 Magnum.

The most objectionable part of the recoil for me was the trigger slap that I experienced.

It’s handgun I’m most accurate with so that’s what I carry. Since that time, I’ve been doing some additional shooting with the .38 Special version of the LCR, and I’m nearing the 350 round mark. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily!

Honestly though, I’d be pretty darned happy without a JHP at all, and carrying 148 grain wadcutters in the LCR.

I have a lot of Rugers and not one of them has ever disappointed me–can not say the same for a bunch of other brands that I sold off. Small frame revolvers have always been a compromise game, where you have to carefully balance pros and cons. The LCR has a much lighter (to me) trigger return spring than Smith or Colt snubs.

I have put about 350 rounds through it and had 5 bullets separate, all from two boxes (2 different lots but bought at the same time) of Blazer Brass.

.357 Magnum max SAAMI pressure is 35,000 psi.

He is also the author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis, the definitive study of the infamous, 1970 California Highway Patrol shootout in Newhall, California.

Can one crimp the 9mm ammo out of the box? The LCR 9mm weighs 17.2 ounces which are almost four ounces heavier than the Ruger LCR .38 Special.

The frame is heavier stainless because the aluminum alloy frame of the 38 and 22 versions wont stand the pressure. .38 Spl .357? Mike, One of the design objectives of the LCR was to create a lightweight revolver (the “L” stands for “lightweight,” after all), and Ruger succeeded handily with this. I see that a lot with folks that “ride the reset” after shooting Glock (or other striker-fired pistols). With 115 and 124 grain ammunition the weapon has performed flawlessly. … Thanks for the review.

From here on out I just used brass cased ammo.

I shoot all handguns (for speed) the way I learned to shoot revolvers back in the day. You’re right that the extra weight is because it’s chambered in 9mm, but it’s not to tame recoil and prevent bullets from jumping the crimp.

I typically shoot 150-200 rds per session.

I hope you found the Night Cobra article, too. I have the LCR in the .357 variety, and that thing is downright painful when shooting magnum loads…. It’s because the 9mm LCR uses the same steel frame as the .357 version – both cartridges have similar high pressures, and the aluminum frame of the .38 Special models can’t handle the higher pressure. And Ruger now offers the LCRx, which features an exposed hammer.

How would that be a disaster?

I also reload a lot of 9mm ammo and it shoots all very well.

Saved four ounces. I’ve been carrying and shooting my .357 Lcr since 2012. Looks like you’ve currently got our OverMolded rubber grip with finger grooves on there. While unlikely, it IS possible. If you get the chance, it might be worth trying for you as well. (Click here to see all of Spaulding’s handgun reviews.) This trigger finger discomfort is guaranteed once you start to bump up to the heavier bullets. I was teaching a friend some basic handgun shooting. I totally dislike S&W’s cylinder release. When a revolver is fired, the rounds in the cylinder are hit by some G forces. The frame’s grip peg allows for a variety of grips to be installed, and the LCR’s standard Hogue Tamer grip with a Sorbothane insert reduces perceived recoil even further.

9mm boolits are .355, right?

I’ve even pocket carried it before around town, easily concealable. Lovely trigger. Thanks! Not surprising at all. Had a similar experience with my J-frame using 158g LSWCHP +P loads. It didn’t beat my trigger finger up, either. Most revolver ammo has a strong crimp to keep this from happening. Right now I have the 158 grain hp’s in mine. Tula steel and Federal aluminum tend to swell and expand in the cylinder. Max loaded 9mm ammo would be just right for a one pound gun for me. Your email address will not be published.

I’ve had issues in the past with speed loaders and J-frames, but the moon clips make reloading fast and easy. Winchester +P lead hollow point, 158 grain: 2.25″ group, 822 FPS. Another ammunition issue is this thing does not like steel or aluminum cased ammo. So you want to carry a SP 101 which is 8oz heavier? Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! The only issue I noticed is that at least one of the other students had a tendency to short stroke the trigger. I stick with 130-135 grain, .38+P in my steel frame snubs and I’m quite content with the result.

Lower felt recoil may have something to do with the recoil impulse. Yeah, but then you’ll want their loads in .357, because why not? I load buffalo bore in my .38 k frame when I’m tramping around in the woods.

The LCR has a spartan appearance. These days I only use standard pressure stuff in the snubbie j frames. More versions: Ruger and Talo have developed two limited edition LCR that feature five engraved and satin filled Ruger logos and either a 24KT gold band on the cylinder, or a silver band. The .38 LCR hurts the palm of my hand (despite what you experienced), and I only want to shoot about 20 rounds of 130gr FMJ through it. I find them pleasant to shoot based on testing and experience of others that they give good penetration.

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