skinwalker race 5e

Create a free website or blog at A Skinwalker can also transform into individual humanoids, usually luring them out into the wild and killing them and taking their place to get to their target. Stalkers have proficiency in Stealth. If the poison damage reduces the target to 0 hit points, the target is stable but poisoned for 1 hour, even after regaining hit points. At 14th level you can use your form of wild shape as often as you want, as long you have spell slots. Skinwalkers Source Bestiary 5 pg. This pact concentrates of attaining the ability to change into various beasts. Polymorph wasn’t added for a reason, since there is already an Eldritch Invocation for this and it should be only be usable once per day, since this spell packs a lot of power. Mimicry. To change forms and gain a different benefit, a skinwalker must first return to her humanoid form then use her shapechange ability again. I made this during the downtime I have had during the pandemic and I personally think it turned out well.

Stoic and solid, a beasthide shifter draws strength and stability from the beast within. Variants: Skinwalker spellcasters and items. This is much like the Moon druid subclass in many cases, but overall, this … Since Wild Shape levels with the character, the other features aren’t too impressive, but it should be a good way to embrace the beast while remaining a warlock in all other aspects. Languages: Skinwalkers begin play speaking Common. Polymorph wasn’t added for a reason, since there is already an Eldritch Invocation for this and it should be only be usable once per day, since this spell packs a lot of power. Use the wording "The target can repeat the saving throw at the start of each of its turns, ejecting the skinwalker on a success. Each creature in the area must make a DC 24 Constitution saving throw, taking 8d8 poison damage on a failed save and is poisoned for 1 hour, or half as much damage on a success and is not poisoned. Otherwise it works like wildshape, even though you can use it as a bonus action (but not spend spell slots to heal yourself). Maybe make some kind of pelt pact implement for a warlock that lets them change shape into what they got the pelt from and use the hexblade pact (for hexblade's curse and accursed specter). But the rest of the class doesn't really fit. A creature that hears the sounds can tell they are imitations with a successful DC 14 Wisdom (Insight) check. There are lots of healing spells and spirit related spells for 5e Druids. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Each time a skinwalker assumes bestial form, she can choose to gain one of the following features: The racial ability score bonus and additional feature last as long as the skinwalker remains in that form, and a skinwalker can remain in bestial form for as long as she wants. The Skinwalker throws this dust in a 10-foot cone. Some Skinwalkers maintain their magic through the transformation. The Skinwalker can take the Disengage or Hide action as a bonus action on each of its turns. Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Skinwalkers is part of the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium.

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Skinwalkers comes out tomorrow. Treat falling damage a… 248, Blood of the Moon pg. What I have so far is a shaman/witchdoctor/medicine man type with shifting similar to a druid's wild shape but with the stipulation they need something of the creature they are shifting into. Looking for help/advice. Skinwalker – Otherworldly Patron 2015-04-12 kentusrpg 5e , Classes , House Rules Warlock I made this for the forums and after a second look a few days later, I decided to put it here, too. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.

Does your upcoming session need a spell slinger with some spooky flavor? The kalashtar are a compound race created from the union of humanity and renegade spirits from the plane of dreams – spirits called quori. Low-Light Vision: In dim light, skinwalkers can see twice as far as humans. Ancestry Werebat Typical Alignment NE Ability Modifiers +2 Int, –2 Wis (+2 Dex while shapechanged) Alternate Skill Modifiers Fly, Perception at night Alternate Spell-Like Ability obscuring mist1/day Bestial Features 1. seems more like a druid subclass of some sort. Eldritch Lore and Powerful Curses Do your PCs need to hire some arcane know-how? +2 Wisdom, –2 Intelligence, +2 to one physical Corpse Dust.

The Book of Beasts: Witch Codex has the solutions you need, arming […], Have the Perfect Map for Your Space Fight! Some Skinwalkers carry a blowgun made of bone and corpse dust.

You should check them out. It's unfinished. You can see the SRD about the shipter class by Pathfinder. It reverts to its true form if it dies. Kalashtar are often seen as wise, spiritual people with great compassion for others. I would choose those, who would make your warlock more like a leader of a pack or an animal master. The Skinwalker has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing, sight, or smell. I admit most of what I know about them from mythology comes from Tony Hillerman novels (I take their appearances in urban fantasy with a grain of salt, but most of them seem similar to what is described in the TH novels) , but they seem like they are pretty evil, with curses being the big thing after skin walking. Stalker: These Skinwalkers come from fast, lithe animals like tigers, and gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity. Hit: 11 (2d6 + 4) slashing damage. Your natural weapons also count as silvered. Standing Leap. Beasthide shifters are typically tied to the bear or the boar, but any creature known for its toughness could apply. This is a fun race to play and I hope that you give them a try.

Change ), Follow Kentusrpg smart-assing D&D 5e on This is much like the Moon druid subclass in many cases, but overall, this subclass is less powerful in most regards. Did a spy agency establish a secret base and the characters stumbled upon it? Any equipment it is wearing or carrying isn't transformed. In bestial form, a skinwalker gains a +2 racial bonus to one of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. 1st level (4 slots): hex, witch bolt, expeditious retreat Star Battles: Red Dwarf Space Battle Map […]. They always wear animal skins as clothes, giving rise to the myth that they transform into animals by wearing their skins. While poisoned, the target takes 4d8 poison damage at the start of each of the Skinwalkers turns, and dies if the poison damage reduces the target to 0 hit points.

In most cases the natural weapons will probably not be the primary method of attack. Have the exact map you want and add that extra […], Have the Perfect Map for Your Space Fight! Armor Class 16 (natural armor) You have proficiency with all kind of natural attacks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Skinwalker: My first homemade class. Medium: Skinwalkers are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. The Skinwalker The warlock made a pact with a powerful shapeshifter or beast god, like Malar of the Forgotten Realms. 3rd – Bestow Curse, Nondetection It's spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks). 5e. A Skinwalker is a monstrous perversion of nature spawned by an act of defying it. Shapeshifting is a frightening ability. Once the dance is done, the witch begins to transform. Speed 40 ft. Have the exact map you want and add that extra spice to your starship fights. It could just be a roleplaying consideration. Corpse dust is a powder made from grinding the bones of twin infants. Claws could be used in the place of light weapons.

In addition, the transformation is only possible for those who have committed the most horrid of cultural taboos; murder of a close blood relative, incest, necrophilia, etc. A whale, a mammoth, a shrew, all are the same to it, though most Skinwalkers do favor the form of a coyote or wolf.

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