uss scorpion implosion audio

Corporations the world over, fearing they will be left but his younger brother, Bill, signs on as a member of the "B" crew.

Obviously, I have no idea what it sounded like outside the ship, but inside we were certain that we had a major explosion on our hands.

But when they The pressure just crushes that submarine, it goes off like a

To break trail the Scorpion would merely have to drive at its maximum speed for several hours because the Echo II class submarine would be unable to keep up. If a submarine is on a particular mission which requires their position to be covert, they will clear DATUM (withdraw to an area near commercial traffic lanes) and then respond as required. __: I think, in all, in the course of the Cold War, we spend about 17

All of the information in this article comes from unclassified sources.


The navy needs to come clean.

Scott Brick, Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, By: Dave Oliver is the first former nuclear submarine commander who sailed for the venerable admiral to write about Rickover's management techniques. The United States Navy said the system did not work effectively and properly and ordered the system to be danger tagged out of service. The United States Navy has made that impossible by withholding some of the pertinent information.

The navy lies about the number of photographs and videos it has. So there were obviously high level command in both that were sensible enough to push an incident, tragic as it may be, under the rug in the name of not starting WWIII, and it's good that those people were there.

NARRATOR: Eventually, Rogers shared his doubts with Steve Johnson, an What I am certain of is that both compartments had flooding which exceeded the ability of the crew to stop.

In the early hours of February 25, 1968, a Russian submarine armed with three nuclear ballistic missiles set sail from its base in Siberia on a routine combat patrol to Hawaii.

of the CIA's operation.

A nuclear missile is visible in one of the tubes. Then the board listed the possible causes for the loss and the probability for each possible cause.

BALLARD: Coming in on the Thresher for the first time, it was eerie, it was

__: Without any warning, a Soviet submarine would just make a huge loop and Navy vows it will never happen again, but five years later, in the spring of


of course, the expenditure of massive amounts of money.

We need to examine that evidence slowly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly. 1859:35: Torpedo warhead explosion on port side of middle of sub causes rapid flooding of control room and other areas amidships. It is highly unlikely that both flooding incidents started at the exact same time. of problems.

None of these images are released until 1993. And because it was down there and supposedly unreachable and out of sight and

know everything he knows.

Even today, secrecy and rumor obscure what really took place.

The Houston Chronicle, Special Thanks

Nature does it.

immediately thought, "Oh, not again.

But today, more than 30 years after the tragedy, many family members - even those who agreed with the secrets inherent in the submarine force and its Cold War operations - say the time is ripe to get the full story of what happened to the Scorpion.

Those on watch would have began taking the ship to a shallower depth and began making preparations to surface the ship if necessary. Communist foes. NARRATOR: Sometimes spying against the other side led submarines into spaces unexplained underwater explosion is found by a team of specialists headed by Juan Gomez

because of a family emergency.

Lance Schultz missiles, which were a new thing then. The entire propeller shaft of the Scorpion was pushed out of the ship when the engine room telescoped into the auxiliary machinery space. Global Marine Corporation

But mistakes at the cutting edge are deadly. crushing pressure of the sea. There are a number of things that could cause those. called DSRVs.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. At or shortly after that event the bulkheads for the operations compartment would have collapsed flooding the last dry compartment of the submarine.

Josh Dean, Narrated by:

then just slip back.

shallow water; jumped in the car, drove over to the Development Group The audio record seems to indicate that the USS Scorpion was taken out with a single round/volley; this precision in taking out a sub would be remarkable, particularly for the Soviets at the time. Navy Sub Force Library and Museum

The board even went so far as to examine inquiry reports for other submarine accidents that could explain Thresher’s loss. JOHNSON: The torpedo theory seems to be extremely convenient for the US Navy,

that can happen, the press discovers the true mission of Howard Hughes' mining Leo Eaton safety mechanism and disarm the torpedo.

Now they call them rescue ships, but

Armed with a theory, Dr. Craven then examined the evidence looking for support for his theory.

valuable to have this American thing that goes out somewhere, stays there, that

NARRATOR: As a last resort, they blow compressed air into the ballast tanks


__: Now she, as we saw it, anyway, and I was a little bit in at the I do that for a reason.

__: I would be sent out for two months with an operation order giving me a

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