what was daryl dixon's job before the apocalypse

All on his …

Before becoming a long-coat wearing-extremely-quiet archer, Daryl Dixon was the group's resident deadpan snarker, dishing out sarcastic quips every ninety seconds. Apocalypse.

Instead, Joe argues the opposite, that for people like them, the zombie apocalypse was the moment that the world finally “came together.”. While the blow may have been satisfying, Negan retaliates by brutally murdering Glenn, too — and he also takes Daryl as a prisoner to his Sanctuary. Edit: further evidence, if I am right, it would make perfect sense never to reveal it. No one noticed he was gone. Unfortunately, their differing ideologies come to a head — just in time for Rick to seemingly die in an explosion, while defending everyone from a walker herd. He can also fight and really seems to have a predisposition for shooting a gun. Others say that he was just a person that lived out in the woods and just fended for himself. 10 He Hated His Life Long Before The Apocalypse. With the death of Merle, Daryl had no choice but to throw himself into the colony at the prison. Not long after Judith was born, Daryl practically leapt at the opportunity to bottle-feed her while comforting her in his arms (which became its own meme), perhaps revealing his caregiver past. It's sad to think that Daryl really felt poorly about himself in normal life, … Daryl manages to escape, but stops short of killing Dwight and the women he's with, thanks to his newly discovered empathy. The show picks up six years later, with Daryl having regressed in a big way. He has more responsibilities now than "pre-zombie" Daryl. This broke Daryl's track record of not having done something reckless for quite a while, but hopefully, he will only grow after this. Daryl beats a guard to death on his way out, then makes his way to Hilltop, and reunites with his friends. While the first part of the plan goes off without a hitch, the rebels soon find themselves evenly matched, thanks to the clever ingenuity of Eugene, who has defected to the Saviors. Once he gets there, it doesn’t take him much time to figure out that it had digested the remains of a woodchuck. What have been your favorite TV series from the 1980s?

However, when the Claimers discover Rick, Michonne and Carl on the road — and threaten to rape and murder them — Daryl remembers who he is, and helps kill the Claimers off. While there, Daryl is kept in a dark room, and fed nothing but dog food sandwiches, while the song "Easy Street" plays on repeat at a high volume, day and night. Daryl wuchs in den Bergen von Georgia zusammen mit seinem älteren Bruder Merle auf, unter dem Dach ihrer nachlässigen Redneck-Eltern, ihrem Vater, einem Alkoholiker neben ihrer Kettenraucher-Mutter. Daryl was severely affected by the losses of Beth, Denise, Glenn, and several others. 10 Most Obvious Baby Bumps In Movies & TV, The Walking Dead: 10 Saddest Things About Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead's Carol & Daryl Spinoff: 5 Fan Theories (& 5 Questions We Already Have), Daryl a sense of purpose that he lacked in his everyday life before the outbreak, One of the more memorable peeks fans got into Daryl's life before the outbreak, The Walking Dead: 10 Best Judith Grimes Quotes, The Walking Dead: 10 TV Shows Of The Past Decade That Jumped The Shark, The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Who Need To Come Back Before The Show Ends, 10 Shows To Watch After The Walking Dead Ends, several losses that have befallen the group over the course of, The Walking Dead: 10 Ways Daryl Has Changed Since Season 1, Star Wars: 10 Jedi Facts You'd Only Know If You Watched The Clone Wars, Game Of Thrones: The 5 Biggest Losers In The War Of The 5 Kings (& 5 Big Winners), The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Starlight, 10 Disturbing Dystopian TV Dramas, Ranked According To IMDb, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Queen Maeve, The Last Airbender: Katara's 5 Greatest Strengths (& Her 5 Weaknesses), Awkward: Season 1 Characters Ranked By Likability, New Girl Meets The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't), 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror, Which MCU TV Characters Did Their Own Stunts (And Which Didn't Risk It? I always thought that Daryl was just a person who grew up and had a bad life. Some say hick. He rode on the coattails of his brother.

by : Hailee . Daryl's plan to kill all the Saviors and Negan doesn't jibe with Rick, who is adamant about assimilating them into one cohesive society. Unfortunately, it's still not enough to stop Negan and the Saviors. This occurs because when Carol returns, after an extended leave of absence, she's still hellbent on getting revenge against Alpha, for killing her adopted son in the previous season.

I leant my back against the RV, awaiting on Rick to emerge from it and explain Jim's condition, after Jacqui had explained that it wasn't looking to great for him. Edit: I thought about this a little more and I change my answer to he'd work as someone that dealt with motorcycles, like a dealer or maybe a mechanic. He absconds with Beth, who has just watched her father, Herschel, get executed — they bond for a bit, but they're eventually separated when Beth is kidnapped. Sometimes neglecting him into hunting and fishing to survive, sometimes beating him bloody. Luckily, it turns out Eugene was never truly a defector at all, having manufactured bullets that will backfire. Chief among them is the death of Beth, who Daryl heroically managed to track down after her kidnapping only for her to sacrifice her life to kill the leader of her captors. This largely took place in the "Gimple Era" of The Walking Dead. Dwight eventually defects from the Saviors, prompting Daryl to return to Alexandria, and join the first battle against Negan. Daryl Dixon Before the Apocalypse .

Like, say, someone who worked retail in the sporting goods industry. RELATED: The Walking Dead's Carol & Daryl Spinoff: 5 Fan Theories (& 5 Questions We Already Have). There's no chance Rick would hold Daryl's pre-apocalypse transgressions against him. While the characters on The Walking Dead regularly share their backstories with one another, Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) past remains mostly shrouded in mystery save for an admission that he mostly wandered around doing what Merle told him to do. Minions, Mario, And The Grateful Dead — 2020’s Weirdest Sneaker Collaborations, The Best Bourbon At Every Price Point From $10-$100, How ‘Fall Guys’ Became Gaming’s Surprise Quarantine Hit, Peter Murray And The Professional Fighters League Are Bringing Fans ‘MMA 2.0’, Talib Kweli & Diamond D Talk D.I.T.C., Fat Joe, ‘Diam Piece’, The BX, And ATCQ, BRS Kash Performs His Campy Anti-Love Song ‘Throat Baby’ For ‘UPROXX Sessions’, HUF’s Keith Hufnagel In His Final Video Interview — From NYC Skater To Streetwear Icon, Lil Keed Gives A Slippery Performance Of ‘Fox 5’ For ‘UPROXX Sessions’, All The Best New Music From This Week That You Need To Hear, All The New Albums Coming Out In November 2020, All The Best New R&B From This Week That You Need To Hear, All The Best New Rap Music To Have On Your Radar.

Daryl realizes, all too late, that he needs to try and take out the horde, not the Whisperers. Still have questions? Others say that he was just a person that lived out in the woods and just fended for himself. It took him a long time to adjust, likely due to the fact that he only felt really comfortable at the prison. With the group safe and united, Daryl is forced to grapple with the loss of his best friend. Although the search for Sophia would ultimately end with the realization that she had been turned into a walker shortly after getting lost, his efforts to find her endeared him to both Carol and the rest of the group.

Given his original plan when joining the group was to rob them (when Merle was still his partner) my best guess would be something along those lines. For years, Daryl Dixon has been The Walking Dead's most popular character. They represent everything that Daryl once was, before the apocalypse, but he travels with them all the same, regressing a bit. So, in light of Daryl's future, it's worth taking a look at how he got from where he was, to where he is. Required fields are marked *, What is the sum of 3 and 5. It doesnt say it anywhere, but what do you think his job was or what job his type of person would have. opinons on the tv show The Vampire Diaries? That ends up biting him in the butt, when Dwight turns on him again, robbing him of his crossbow, vest and motorcycle. By the time the first walker came around, they were drifters operating on the wrong side of the law, and relying on the survivalist skills they learned growing up in the mountains of northern Georgia to get by. Your email address will not be published. His mother died in a fire when he was a boy and he and Merle are sent to live with their father. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. His life is actually a lot different now, simply because he has more people he cares about and depend on him than he did before.

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