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It doesn’t even begin to cover the hundreds or thousands they spent on promotional materials, gas costs, or rally/event fees.). My only advice to you doesn’t think WWDB is the solution to your success in Amway.

This MLM System provides business support materials such as tapes, books, and seminars to motivate and educate Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). Still to this day no one was able to present a ‘feature and benifit’ list that comes close to this business model including the disadvantages of mlm which should be told to business partners by the distributers themselves when presenting this opertunity. I don’t like how they label those with a regular job, as if it is a sin. But yes, you got me, we don’t have the financial independence.. yet. Right. What is the purpose of this one sided and short sighted blog? The first meeting was the only time you were not given info and if she promised to give u info the first meeting then thats the only bad part I see. So future commentators, don’t come here defend Amway. This has been demonstrated not just by my experience, but by many others.

Then hopefully for every 10 signed up, 1 or 2 actually stick it out and dont get rich but they do make enough to keep them involved and motivated to chase the dream. amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products";

I came to this blog because I have attended four sessions so far with hardly any information about what the “business” was. Also i hope it didn’t feel like i was attacking you or anything. You obviously consider both these scenarios to be complete and absolute failure. The fact is, if there was a good level of success, the whole world would be signed up for amway. Usually you don't care which program to use, so then this solution just works: This doesn't need special quoting too, so it instantly fixes your problem. You need to expect a bunch of people to say no but it’s a numbers game and u will find the right people to join your team. Who said that one has to work 40 to 50 years?

And thank you for adding data to the horrors of an encounter with an Amway/WWDB recruiter! Do you tell people they will have to give up everything and work for several years, and they still have only a quarter of a percent of a chance of getting it to work? 1. So the deception starts from the very first second of the very first meeting when targets are told they can earn money, and the deception continues in full force for the full length of every meeting, until the target has become a swindler themselves and are victimizing others. As a matter of fact, I can take off any day from posting on forums that I like, as often as I like and for as long as I like. I’ve met a lot of people who have retired from a lot of things – I mean actually retired — not working anymore — and none of them had retired from amway. Emotionally unstable with a dash of creep, wasn’t aware on how many people like this exist until doing some research..

Yes traditional businesses go into debt and will not be profitable every year. And when they say “retire” they mean from corporate world.. which means they work when they want.. which more then I can say for you.. unless you get lots of money from being negative all day and which in that case your life really sucks. Total mind games and lies. Yes, it is not for everyone. I’ll be impressed if this post doesn’t get deleted! I do asset building and I don’t want every Tom, DIck and Harry knowing “what” and “how” I build my asset… if they want me to teach them then they need to prove they are worth my time. And to think I even made a website because you wanted me to. I know that people aren’t perfect, but your upline will tell you not to do things that they themselves do – which really bugs me. Amway is a financial parasite! Is this normal behavior? }. Exactly!!!!!!! 13 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 16 /H [ 1537 289 ] /L 56783 /E 43965 /N 2 /T 56405 >> endobj xref 13 48 0000000016 00000 n 4. And hey Chris R, my last reply to you.

In essence, this blog is not factual, merely opinionated, and if you are evaluating this opportunity, great, but I wouldnt encourage you to evaluate based on opinion. And regarding all the success stories you hear from people who ‘made it’ with WWDB/Amway, either at the conventions and meetings? While building my business I am a Mortgage loan Officer. Really? Meanwhile, good luck in your endeavor as an IBO. To be realistic, if I plan my finances right, I can chose to retire comfortably in no longer than 10 years.

Then he delved into the process. Their lives were ruined?!? I keep hearing that line. I put a stop to it right away and my dear friend who I have known for 15 years is greatful after I explained the recruiter’s spin trying to promote Amaway. Or does it primarily come from entry level IBOs who are still working their corporate job and pouring their earnings into amway? What the people on this blog that have gone through the process fail to realize is that the process is in place to sift out the negative people, why would you ever want to go into business with someone so negative, we look for positive people that can wrap their heads around this opportunity. She skipped her brother’s wedding last month because it was too much of a distraction and she needed to stay in her town. If your really making decent money at this and you’re an honest honorable person, please explain to me how many downliners you have and how much they are making roughly. Showandtell.amway.com Only 1% make big money so why would the rest be satisfied? Website is coming along great, I got some videos added and some links to court cases where Amway was found guilty of pyramid scam activities and ordered to pay millions out in the settlement.


I am officially a “quitter” – I quit the business because I was spending so much money on products and was not getting anywhere. Gave us a basic outline on how the business works and told us “each part of this will take more time to explain then i have, so its best you go to other meetings to learn the parts” and to “do your homework and ask your sponsors questions”. I will grant you that in any business, whether it’s mowing lawns or swindling people, it does pay off to make daily habits of working tirelessly at it. For the potential business owner to educate themselves on the training system, the servicing company (Amway), and to retain comprehension of the basics on how money is made and what would be expected of them to make that money. Because once you have that desire, that dream – you will be willing to work hard and do anything to achieve that. hope this helps! Others will need more. Your blog reflects one side still. With the time commitment I have with my job, I’m unable to do what I really want to do – humanitarian travel – that’s my goal for my early-mid 30s. So we got in our car and my wife and I were driving home we then started talking about what just unfolded!

Amwayonebyone.com But actually I like your idea of starting a MLM awareness and education website.

Here’s one for the readers: http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com/2013/09/16/amway-is-a-pyramid-scheme/ . People like you cut thru the bull crap and drop it. ANONymous, you literally didn’t answer a single question of mine. Then after a year, each of those have downliners. They simply cannot! But with walmart, amazon, and ebay, people can get just about whatever they want at the lowest price. The one positive I will say for Amway is it really builds the idea of business ownership in individuals who may never consider it for themselves before that. He lectured me why I was wrong in everything, and I quote “You are such a closed minded person. Alice, I’ve been to the big meetings and all the successful people talk about things and stuff they have been able to buy and of course time. It’s an education process to determine if the individual is willing to do the work it takes to become grow personally and become financially free. There comes a time when we have to choose ethics and values over money. They change he person that you are…. During the meeting, I was amazed by some leaders’ words. If their lives were being “ruined” as you claim, they wouldn’t remain involved! Alice, 9. I’d vet them just like any job.

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